Monday, September 21, 2009

Unproductive day

it sucks waking up freaking late and wasn't able to do anything...
i was having my good sleep till i receive a call from Kelvin at 12 something... i was like WTFH as i was supposed to be in Queensbay at 12.30 for a meet up with my friends.. not too long after, mom came back with food and then i quickly prepared myself to go out... she brought back some box containing some chinese food in it... it was a gift (my mom gave RM100.00 red packet for it!) from my cousin as his baby has reached 1 month old..

the most ridiculous food ever......RM100!!

anyway....reached qb at 2 or so and went straight to Borders to search for my favourite novel, PS I LOVE YOU and surprisingly, it was there, being isolated at the corner of the shelve all by itself...

then i took the unwrapped book and ran towards the chair and right away, started reading it... trust me, the book is a must read.. i didnt manage to read the whole thing there as my friend wanted to have a walk around the mall... the book is rather expensive i would say.. RM 31.90 for a book and no discount.. most probably i'll get it next month once i've got my salary..

after hours of walking around the mall and doing nothing, i called up mom and got her to fetch me back (i haven't go my driving licence yet, HAPPY??) she was baking some buns as an offering to my late grandpa tomorrow as its his birthday..

anyway, i am bored!!!
i so wanna go out but have no idea where to and with who...

i'll be returning to KL tomorrow afternoon with my aunt and we might be stopping by Bukit Tambun for seafood.. i'm so gonna put on more weight..

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