Saturday, October 31, 2009

cyber world?

its just sooooooooooooooooooo miserable to be in the current situation i am facing now.. i am desperately wanting to go out for a crazy shopping for my studies, but i can't find anyone to just go with me... i called up at least 8 person and all turn me down.. its just so so so so damn sucky...

i so need to do this now...

i end up now sitting in Old Town again drinking some diabetic white coffee while listening to some random people talking about some stealing plants in facebook.. my God.. somehow i find facebook to be rather addictive to people nowadays, and gaming is no longer a thing for kids, but all the working adults... people in the office tend to switch on their facebook when their boss is not around or looking and start playing and i donno, do stuff with the facebook..

i feel so damn unsecured to be on facebook nowadays as my mom is starting to learn on facebook-ing.. its all thanks to my sister when she opened my page the other day when my mom was in her room and she got curious and started looking through my photos.. i donno, i just can't take accept the fact that my mom is watching me or even just about to have an account in the cyber socialising network.. its just so damn scary..

imagine this..

Iggy wrote on the wall : I just hate it when my mom don give me more allowance..

at night when i arrive home, sure i kena kao kao from my parents d and then, the questionings would begin on how i spend my money and yada yada... whooossshh!!!  scary betul...

*please tell me you're not reading my blog, mom...*

anyway, i wonder if any of your parents have facebook and is linked to you??

Friday, October 30, 2009

final day at work..

the clock has finally hit 6.00 pm today...
well, unlike the usual Friday or working days, it feels totally different today.. whenever i look at the time ticking, my colleagues working or joking, i felt a pinch deep inside me.. today is actually my final day of work here in this very company... well, i first came over to this company on the 26th of August last year for part time as an administration staff.. after my a-levels in june this year, i became a full timer here and has been working 5 days weekly; from 8.30 morning to 6 evening...

well, i am honestly very thankful to all my colleagues and the manageress who has lend me so much helping hands and also to guide me through my work.. although i wasn't some high ranking officer in the office, there were at least mutual respect between us colleagues and basically there were not much politicalling... although once in awhile my colleague find me to be rather annoying noisy, they're all still nice people i'll say..

well, looking around the office now, checking on stuff in front of my pc and on my desk, i just feel as though i'll be leaving the office and not meeting up with all these great people for good... honestly, i've bonded very well with all of them, and i feel very homey being here, under all these watchful eyes..

well, i'd like to thank my operation manageress, the account lady, the business development manageress, and the rest of my fantastic colleague for their guidance all along la... its always sucky and hard when it comes to saying goodbye..


Thursday, October 29, 2009


*ah chuuuuuu*

well, thank God that i've recovered from my fever when i woke up earlier this morning.. well, yesterday was not some huge IELTS test la.. it was just an oral test with a captain flow over from Australia who is also the flight instructor of the Australian Wings Academy... Well, i was so so so so sick when i arrived there and felt like dying but thankfully, i managed to pull through everything and only went back at 2 in the afternoon...

well, we're all informed by the captain that the academy is expecting to see us all on the 12th of November, which is about 2 weeks from now.. i've got so much to do now and so much to prepare... I'll be going for the interview with The Star newspaper this coming monday, Class 1 medical check up with a medical center in KLCC on Tuesday morning, and then return to penang on the same tuesday afternoon... On wednesday, i'll have to go get my pasport done and also to re-new my IC... the very same day as well, lunch with Kah Whai in queensbay (sakae sushi)... thursday is currently empty..... friday morning will be travelling back to KL with my parents and in the afternoon to TARC to collect my certs and lunch with ex college mates... Saturday will be going to the AirAsia Academy again for signing of contract......

my God.. my schedule is just so packed... anyway, i'll meet up with almost all of u before i leave la... love ya people... hope to see you soon..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


i have no idea why some "kid" nowadays are just so childish and free that they'd go create some nonsensical stuff just to defame and to ruin other people's life..

anyway, i am so sick now.. i have no idea what's going on but i'm coughing, shivering and coughing since early yesterady... went to visit the doctor early in the morning yesterday and was charged RM40 for it and that doc just gave me paracetamol (commonly known as Panadol) and some random common medicine... after consuming those tablets, i developed an allergic and my eyes were soar and i was just freaking sleepy.. then went to the same clinic and the doctor again to only find out that i am allergic to Ponston.... According to my sis, that medicine is a super strong pain killer and for my condition, its not necessary to have it... well, tak tau what was the doctor thinking la..

anyway, i am now already in the office waiting for Dickson to fetch me to the AirAsia Academy in LCCT for my IELTS test and the document processing.. i am so damn worried that my current condition would affect my results later on... btw, i'm having a fever now...  *sigh*

Monday, October 26, 2009

AKON and publicity

well, its already 2 years too late i know but still, i miss you...

anyway, i went to Akon Freedom Beach Concert in Sunway last sat, and trust me, it was a blast!! well, it was actually my first time ever attending such concert and well, it was totally FuN!!!!!!  i thought the tickets i won from FlyFm was worth RM137 each, but mana tau when i went there, its actually the VIP tickets which worth RM188.00 each... well, at the beginning of the show when we reach, we were standing rather far from the main stage... but when the thing started, it was totally superbly cramp.. there were thousands of people and well, we were pushed towards the front and in the end, my friend and myself was directly standing in front of Akon himself.. well, he's not that hot but trust me, his songs were superb.. so damn nice and well, he jumped onto us, the fans, and he landed on me twice (YES HE DID JOO!)

the crowd...akon picture from the actual distanceits written as THE PITT!
well, there's a price to pay for that la.. i fell down and had bruises all over me.. after the concert, we got the VIP pass to go MOS to have a Post party with the man himself.. haha... people were staring at me and my friend when we were walking around with the pass...

on sunday, went out with the other 2 candidates from the cadet pilot programme and saw K...

anyway, earlier this morning, i received a call from Derek, the AirAsia Corporate Blogger, informing me that i'll be having an interview with The Star newspaper next monday in their office.. its like OMG.... an interview with the press!!! hahaha...

i donno, i think that i've got quite a lot of publicity from this competition and even more when i won it... thank you AirAsia for giving me this chance.. love ya!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


counting down to the day when i leave Malaysia is actually fun yet worrying... honestly, i feel a little scared as i've never been to any western or 'ah moh' country before.. never in my life that i've come in contact with so many foreigners of different skin colour, speaking english with their very own ascent and totally living a different unique lifestyle..

this morning received a rather early call from mom around 11 something asking me some random question pertaining her work stuff.. after that, we had quite a long conversation talking about my future studies (it has in fact became the topic we discuss almost everyday) and things that are going on in penang.. she told me that my dad got forced into belanja-ing (treating) his friends to some seafood due to my success.. i donno... i actually think that both my parents are very very happy over that and they're like announcing to all my relatives and friends regarding it.. Well, one thing i am glad is that at least they're now very happy la..

anyway, my mom randomly told me this morning that she's planning to throw me a barbecue party at home (in penang!) before i further my studies and i'm allowed to invite all my friends over for that.. haha.. believe it or not, i've never got a party for myself before in my life.. i did not get a party thrown for me on my 18th birthday nor any other years.. so, for the very first time in my life, my mom is planning a party for me without even having me to request for it... and the best part is, she'll be sponsoring all my makan-ing i have with all my friends and colleague here in kl....

btw, i'll be going to Sunway later to watch the Akon Surf Beach Concert as well as to attend the post party with Akon in MOS!! too bad that joo, andrea, mich, sean and wayne turned down the offer... the tickets are worth RM137 each!!

P/S joo, i think you're so going to scream when u read this..!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

thank you and i will be a P-I-L-O-T !

i am now still very much shocked, surprise and happy that i've been selected as the final 10 candidates to be the Cadet Pilot for AirAsia.. its like OMG!!

well, i've actually got quite a lot of phone calls, sms-es, facebook messages, facebook posts and etc etc...
ladies and gentle, thank you very very very much for your kind wishes and your invitation to go for a drink and all that...
i promise you guys ok, before i leave, i will organise a gathering with all of you...
i am currently thinking about having 1 for company, 1 for college, 1 for schoolmates and 1 more for family members..

anyway, honestly, i wont be able to get through all the interviews without you guys giving me mental support and encouragements... as well, not to forget, AirAsia for choosing/ selecting me and having faith in me.. i will do my best and trust me, i will one day be there sitting in the cockpit and start flying all of you to the places you want to visit (with tickets ok!)...

well, i've got lot of things to prepare for now.. I have to go for my IELTS test this coming wednesday in AirAsia Academy as i will need a minimum of band 6 in order to pass and to study in Australia.. I am so damn nervous now (again) as i have no idea how will IELTS be carried out as well as how tough will it be..

anyway, i've got to renew my passport (which will be expiring this dec), make my visa, renew my IC (current one koyak d) and also get my stuff done..

btw, these are the coverage i've got after becoming the candidate for that programme..

this was from the AirAsia's Twitter

this was from Andrea's blog

this was from mich aka princess

and last but not least, jooying, my daughter

well, to the rest, thank you very much for your wishes.. i will do my best and be the man!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



i got it!! i've been selected as the final 10 candidate to attend the cadet pilot programme by AirAsia... OMG!!! i am so so so so so so excited!!!!!!!


i might be going to Australia for my studies also!!

its time to go wild and parrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyy!!!

btw, i've won tickets to AKON FREEDOM BEACH CONCERT this sat from fly fm too..

Monday, October 19, 2009

final call

its only another 24 hours till i get my results for my interview..
i am so so so so stressed out and so worried and anxious and nervous and having more mixtures of feelings going through me.. i am currently not having the best EQ as i am just lost and cant get myself back to my daily routine.. maybe you wont understand how i feel now till you're in my position, in my situation going through all these... results after all the effort you've put in, since years ago...

its just a gush of andrenaline...

btw, these are pictures from the interview..

ladies and gentlemen.. i am really really nervous now... although i am prepared for the worst, but not prepared to receive the bad news...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the waiting

woke up at 3pm today, and well, its not really a productive day i would say..
didnt do anything much, but just went out for late lunch then to IOI Mall with friends...

well, the same question from yesterday keep on popping into my mind..
-what will happen if i fail the interview??
-what should i tell myself i fail??
-how should i react to the mail??
-how should i tell my family and friends about the bad news??

i have no idea what will happen la.. i am just trying to prepare for the worst.. its not that i've done badly in the interview, but its just that i am so scared and nervous.. i am not sure if the judges like the way i spoke to them and the way i gave my presentation..  all these thoughts are just going around my head and i have no idea who to share it with.. i've spoken earlier to my parents but they just told me the same thing just like what my friends told me.. its not that i don get what they mean, but its just that i have no idea how can i calm myself down and to just accept the fact that for my effort i've put in so far gone wasted.. all i know is that i must not give up on my dream and i will keep trying to get to where i want...

guys.. please... pray for me.. pray that i will get it.. i am really really nervous now..

judgement day!

it has been a very long day for me as i had my final interview with AirAsia in order to become their cadet pilot.. well, i've actually been waiting for today to come since i started applying with AirAsia last year..

Frankly, i personally think that i've did quite ok in the presentation part where I was supposed to come out with a topic chosen out of the 10 given by the interview board of AirAsia... I actually presented the topic of MY GREATEST JOY this morning, and it was basically more or less about the joy i gain and derived from being given the opportunity to be in the interview and the journey i've went through in order just to get there... well, i find myself to be rather smooth when i was speaking and presenting and thank God, words and messages were easily conveyed from to the fellow candidates as well as to the interviewing board..

i personally find the process of the interviewing today rather fun in a way where i get to meet all the aspiring pilots like myself, and joked about the airlines and certain candidates when they were giving their speeches.. Suprisingly, during my presentation, i was not very nervous and heart didnt actually pound as hard as it was before i started speaking.. then there were actualy several written test that we candidates have to score a minimum point of 75% in order just to proceed and being selected as well as a 3 to 1 interview where the judges (aka pilots) asked questions and get to know us candidates better...
in overall, i'd give myself a 6 of 10 for my performance today...

so, i am now damn freaking tired, blogging and sharing with you people out there.. will be uploading the very same article i presented to the interview board earlier today, hopefully tomorrow when i am not lazy..

*pictures were taken by hawa (one of the female candidate) and will be uploaded here once i've got them*

Friday, October 16, 2009

less than 24 hours

i really have no idea how to put words together to just write this post..
i having a very mixed feeling now as i feel as though i am at the point of life where every single steps i take and every single word i speak takes into the account in my future.. i am now only 24 hours away from my final stage for the Cadet Pilot Programme from AirAsia Berhad... well to me, its more than an interview.. Its a matter of life and dead (not literally) and the decision from the judging panel will affect my future for now..

Honestly, i have never planned for what to happen after I've successfully passed the 2nd stage interview, which was the psychomotor test last 2 months.. all i had in mind was that i might fail and there goes all the effort i've put in to just become the cadet pilot of AirAsia..

to some readers, you might not know on how much i've wanted to become a pilot... it has always been my dream to be able to be the man flying the plane.. i know very well that there are tonnes of kids or teenager out there who are better than myself, but i just want it very very very very badly.. I am having this mix feeling now la.. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow before, during and after the interview.. I have no idea how i will feel and how i will react to everything... All i want to do now is just to pray and to hope for the best so that i can perform my very best tomorrow.. I really hope that all my effort put in so far, so long, is at least enough to qualify me to become their cadet...

As I am typing this post, I'm listening to this song, and having this video playing which I've made earlier this year for the blogging competition.. Honestly, without this blogging competition, I won't be able to here.. It is the competition that gave me the 2nd chance to attend the interview after failing my interview at the first attempt last year.. My journey to be a cadet pilot for AirAsia might end tomorrow if i fail the interview... However, it will not be the end of my dream and I will never let myself stop in realising my dream.. AirAsia, if i am to fail in becoming your cadet pilot this year, do look forward in receiving more of my entries and application next year, and the following year till i manage to join your airline and to celebrate your success...

this is the video i'm currently listening to..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 days to go

As i am typing this blog, i am munching away with my mouth on my Old Town Special Nasi lemak... guess what, i am only having my dinner now at 9.23 pm after much work and study..
(not my actual dish and photo)

 and also Xi Mut Milk Tea..

well, as usual, work today is typically the same with more documents, filing, paper work, checking e-mails, lunch, repeat all over again and yada yada yada.. while working, i was having this image and routine of me speaking in front of the panel of judges and the crowd this coming Saturday.. i donno... i am not usually this nervous and tensed up when it comes to speaking in front of a crow; but this time, its totally different..

anyway, after leaving the office just now, i came over to IOI Mall to get a few stuff done.. i had to pay the bill for my company's handphone at Digi (SUCKS!) and get myself at least 2 passport sized photo for my freaked out interview this coming Sat.. I took 4 of that photo in some old looking shop here in IOI and well, the photo ended up ugly.. as i've thought... guess what, the photographer didn't even take the initiative to edit my picture as i'm having a huge pimple on my forehead ok... i said A pimple only.. Hopefully i'll be able to ge rid of that ugly thing before this Sat as i wanna look good and as well, gave the judges a good impression.. who knows, the might be looking for a cute/hot/sexy looking candidate to join the cadet pilot programme??

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nervous like never before

i finally received the reply from Air Asia regarding my Cadet pilot interview yesterday afternoon.. well, i succeeded and i've passed that interview and i'll be proceeding to the 3rd and final interview this coming saturday morning.. yes, it is very very close and i am supposed to prepare a presentation of a topic from the given 10 without referring to any notes.

well, the topics has been given and i've already made up my mind on which to choose and to present on that day.. honestly, i am very afraid and i'd be freaked out whenever i thought about the interview.. i have no idea what is wrong with me.. i should be very familiar with the presentation as i don find speaking in front of a group of people or the public an issue to me as i've been exposed to such case in my secondary and tertiary education... i was not even this scared when i went for my debating competition in the college one year ago.. i don't know but i am just freaked out and i just feel as though i'm to pass out even by just typing this blog and to think about it..

this interview actually means alot to me and my family... if i am able to go through the interview and successful become the cadet pilot for Air Asia, my parents will not have to fork out that huge sum of money to pay for my studies when i go privately.. moreover, when i am a cadet pilot for AirAsia, i will be able to secure a job right after my graduation from the flying academy, and definitely be able to pay for whatever i need to and to give financial support to my family.. i am totally worried and nervous now..

wish me best people...!

Monday, October 12, 2009

What change do you want to see in your personal life? #followseachange

What change do you want to see in your personal life? #followseachange Shared via AddThis


sometimes i just don feel belong-ed when i am in KL.. when Kelvin is not around, i'd be staying with my colleague and i would always term that as parasite-ing... i feel as though i am just like a disturbance and an unwanted object being thrown around from people to people, places to places just to get a shelter and warmth..

i've been having such feeling since i've started staying outside as i can feel myself as a burden to others, a disturbance which will disturb and mess up with one's daily routine... i've been disturbing my friend when they go for a date as i was bored, and now worst as i have to stay with my colleague every day as i don have a place i can call home in KL.. i don find myself to be anywhere useful to others in non-working related matters as i cant see myself contributing in a way... i feel so lost and unwanted all the time..

unwanted but sympathised

Saturday, October 10, 2009

booked day


this is just so random.. i've not been blogging for 2 weeks, and within one day, i am blogging twice... ironic right?? basically today was a rather busy day for me.. not really in terms of work, but for my personal life.. woke up at 9 something in the morning, then washed clothes and prepared myself to go for karaoke with colleague in neway.. well, karoke today is rather boring i would say as kelvin was not there and the atmosphere is slightly different in a way la..

karaoke ended at 3 then rushed down to kl to meet alvin to go for a gathering with penang friends in kl... esther dropped me at the Subang commuter station at 3.20 or so and it was indicated that the train would reach in 6 minutes but after the waiting, typically malaysian transportation, the train was delayed to 3.36... i was not that furious over it la but then my blood started to boil when i first stepped into the train.. the freaking air-conditioning system was down and i was in a moving/ portable sauna... i was sweating throughout the journey and trust me, my Philosophy t-shirt was fully wet and seriously, sweat was dripping of my chin onto my shirt and it was stuffy like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and guess what, the journey was about 30 minutes and the 'sauna' was that long.. totally silly and crazy!!

after that long journey, well, we visited a cafe in Miharja called My Playground.. it was indeed a great place, a great cafe, and great food too..
Add : No.15, Jalan 3/93, Taman Miharja, Cheras 55000 Kuala Lumpur.

And after that, was dragged by sean to Genting just for the fun of it.. haha...
see if i have time to upload pics la..

2 weeks

it has been weeks since i left this blog space un attended and i was just living my daily life as usual with lots of obstacles and random stuff...

two nights ago, i received a call from a form 6 girl (at then during my secondary school) about 12 something... i couldnt even re-call who was it as i;ve already deleted her contact for years but i think i knew who she was la.. i was rather glad at first when we started our conversation as it was like a walk down the memory lane as we talked about secondary school, choir (yes i was in the choir singing the tenor) and tourism club... about 10 minutes after our lovely stroll down the memory lane, she asked me this,
 then i knew, the purpose of her call was just to get me to join in that company which she said is not a direct selling and she is earning big bucks on it.. *phuck her!!!*

i really really hate it when my friends call me up just for the purpose of trying to get me to join their stuff or money thingy... i feel as though our friendship is built on money and all that... really really disappointing la..

other than that, i was told by kelvin earlier this morning that he has just lost my all time favourite sky blue colour ipod shuffle... he said he left it in the bag in the hotel and when he came back from work, its already gone for good..well, its my first and only ipod i've got and it really means a lot to me.. its really really saddening i would say...

anyway, on a happier note, i bought myself a pair of shoes for RM30 only... i find it to be rather cheap and its worth the money as its on some huge discount.. its B.U.M. by the way.. love it to the max!!!