Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 days to go

As i am typing this blog, i am munching away with my mouth on my Old Town Special Nasi lemak... guess what, i am only having my dinner now at 9.23 pm after much work and study..
(not my actual dish and photo)

 and also Xi Mut Milk Tea..

well, as usual, work today is typically the same with more documents, filing, paper work, checking e-mails, lunch, repeat all over again and yada yada yada.. while working, i was having this image and routine of me speaking in front of the panel of judges and the crowd this coming Saturday.. i donno... i am not usually this nervous and tensed up when it comes to speaking in front of a crow; but this time, its totally different..

anyway, after leaving the office just now, i came over to IOI Mall to get a few stuff done.. i had to pay the bill for my company's handphone at Digi (SUCKS!) and get myself at least 2 passport sized photo for my freaked out interview this coming Sat.. I took 4 of that photo in some old looking shop here in IOI and well, the photo ended up ugly.. as i've thought... guess what, the photographer didn't even take the initiative to edit my picture as i'm having a huge pimple on my forehead ok... i said A pimple only.. Hopefully i'll be able to ge rid of that ugly thing before this Sat as i wanna look good and as well, gave the judges a good impression.. who knows, the might be looking for a cute/hot/sexy looking candidate to join the cadet pilot programme??

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