Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 weeks

it has been weeks since i left this blog space un attended and i was just living my daily life as usual with lots of obstacles and random stuff...

two nights ago, i received a call from a form 6 girl (at then during my secondary school) about 12 something... i couldnt even re-call who was it as i;ve already deleted her contact for years but i think i knew who she was la.. i was rather glad at first when we started our conversation as it was like a walk down the memory lane as we talked about secondary school, choir (yes i was in the choir singing the tenor) and tourism club... about 10 minutes after our lovely stroll down the memory lane, she asked me this,
 then i knew, the purpose of her call was just to get me to join in that company which she said is not a direct selling and she is earning big bucks on it.. *phuck her!!!*

i really really hate it when my friends call me up just for the purpose of trying to get me to join their stuff or money thingy... i feel as though our friendship is built on money and all that... really really disappointing la..

other than that, i was told by kelvin earlier this morning that he has just lost my all time favourite sky blue colour ipod shuffle... he said he left it in the bag in the hotel and when he came back from work, its already gone for good..well, its my first and only ipod i've got and it really means a lot to me.. its really really saddening i would say...

anyway, on a happier note, i bought myself a pair of shoes for RM30 only... i find it to be rather cheap and its worth the money as its on some huge discount.. its B.U.M. by the way.. love it to the max!!!

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