Friday, October 30, 2009

final day at work..

the clock has finally hit 6.00 pm today...
well, unlike the usual Friday or working days, it feels totally different today.. whenever i look at the time ticking, my colleagues working or joking, i felt a pinch deep inside me.. today is actually my final day of work here in this very company... well, i first came over to this company on the 26th of August last year for part time as an administration staff.. after my a-levels in june this year, i became a full timer here and has been working 5 days weekly; from 8.30 morning to 6 evening...

well, i am honestly very thankful to all my colleagues and the manageress who has lend me so much helping hands and also to guide me through my work.. although i wasn't some high ranking officer in the office, there were at least mutual respect between us colleagues and basically there were not much politicalling... although once in awhile my colleague find me to be rather annoying noisy, they're all still nice people i'll say..

well, looking around the office now, checking on stuff in front of my pc and on my desk, i just feel as though i'll be leaving the office and not meeting up with all these great people for good... honestly, i've bonded very well with all of them, and i feel very homey being here, under all these watchful eyes..

well, i'd like to thank my operation manageress, the account lady, the business development manageress, and the rest of my fantastic colleague for their guidance all along la... its always sucky and hard when it comes to saying goodbye..


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