Sunday, October 18, 2009

judgement day!

it has been a very long day for me as i had my final interview with AirAsia in order to become their cadet pilot.. well, i've actually been waiting for today to come since i started applying with AirAsia last year..

Frankly, i personally think that i've did quite ok in the presentation part where I was supposed to come out with a topic chosen out of the 10 given by the interview board of AirAsia... I actually presented the topic of MY GREATEST JOY this morning, and it was basically more or less about the joy i gain and derived from being given the opportunity to be in the interview and the journey i've went through in order just to get there... well, i find myself to be rather smooth when i was speaking and presenting and thank God, words and messages were easily conveyed from to the fellow candidates as well as to the interviewing board..

i personally find the process of the interviewing today rather fun in a way where i get to meet all the aspiring pilots like myself, and joked about the airlines and certain candidates when they were giving their speeches.. Suprisingly, during my presentation, i was not very nervous and heart didnt actually pound as hard as it was before i started speaking.. then there were actualy several written test that we candidates have to score a minimum point of 75% in order just to proceed and being selected as well as a 3 to 1 interview where the judges (aka pilots) asked questions and get to know us candidates better...
in overall, i'd give myself a 6 of 10 for my performance today...

so, i am now damn freaking tired, blogging and sharing with you people out there.. will be uploading the very same article i presented to the interview board earlier today, hopefully tomorrow when i am not lazy..

*pictures were taken by hawa (one of the female candidate) and will be uploaded here once i've got them*

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