Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nervous like never before

i finally received the reply from Air Asia regarding my Cadet pilot interview yesterday afternoon.. well, i succeeded and i've passed that interview and i'll be proceeding to the 3rd and final interview this coming saturday morning.. yes, it is very very close and i am supposed to prepare a presentation of a topic from the given 10 without referring to any notes.

well, the topics has been given and i've already made up my mind on which to choose and to present on that day.. honestly, i am very afraid and i'd be freaked out whenever i thought about the interview.. i have no idea what is wrong with me.. i should be very familiar with the presentation as i don find speaking in front of a group of people or the public an issue to me as i've been exposed to such case in my secondary and tertiary education... i was not even this scared when i went for my debating competition in the college one year ago.. i don't know but i am just freaked out and i just feel as though i'm to pass out even by just typing this blog and to think about it..

this interview actually means alot to me and my family... if i am able to go through the interview and successful become the cadet pilot for Air Asia, my parents will not have to fork out that huge sum of money to pay for my studies when i go privately.. moreover, when i am a cadet pilot for AirAsia, i will be able to secure a job right after my graduation from the flying academy, and definitely be able to pay for whatever i need to and to give financial support to my family.. i am totally worried and nervous now..

wish me best people...!

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