Saturday, October 24, 2009


counting down to the day when i leave Malaysia is actually fun yet worrying... honestly, i feel a little scared as i've never been to any western or 'ah moh' country before.. never in my life that i've come in contact with so many foreigners of different skin colour, speaking english with their very own ascent and totally living a different unique lifestyle..

this morning received a rather early call from mom around 11 something asking me some random question pertaining her work stuff.. after that, we had quite a long conversation talking about my future studies (it has in fact became the topic we discuss almost everyday) and things that are going on in penang.. she told me that my dad got forced into belanja-ing (treating) his friends to some seafood due to my success.. i donno... i actually think that both my parents are very very happy over that and they're like announcing to all my relatives and friends regarding it.. Well, one thing i am glad is that at least they're now very happy la..

anyway, my mom randomly told me this morning that she's planning to throw me a barbecue party at home (in penang!) before i further my studies and i'm allowed to invite all my friends over for that.. haha.. believe it or not, i've never got a party for myself before in my life.. i did not get a party thrown for me on my 18th birthday nor any other years.. so, for the very first time in my life, my mom is planning a party for me without even having me to request for it... and the best part is, she'll be sponsoring all my makan-ing i have with all my friends and colleague here in kl....

btw, i'll be going to Sunway later to watch the Akon Surf Beach Concert as well as to attend the post party with Akon in MOS!! too bad that joo, andrea, mich, sean and wayne turned down the offer... the tickets are worth RM137 each!!

P/S joo, i think you're so going to scream when u read this..!

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