Wednesday, October 28, 2009


i have no idea why some "kid" nowadays are just so childish and free that they'd go create some nonsensical stuff just to defame and to ruin other people's life..

anyway, i am so sick now.. i have no idea what's going on but i'm coughing, shivering and coughing since early yesterady... went to visit the doctor early in the morning yesterday and was charged RM40 for it and that doc just gave me paracetamol (commonly known as Panadol) and some random common medicine... after consuming those tablets, i developed an allergic and my eyes were soar and i was just freaking sleepy.. then went to the same clinic and the doctor again to only find out that i am allergic to Ponston.... According to my sis, that medicine is a super strong pain killer and for my condition, its not necessary to have it... well, tak tau what was the doctor thinking la..

anyway, i am now already in the office waiting for Dickson to fetch me to the AirAsia Academy in LCCT for my IELTS test and the document processing.. i am so damn worried that my current condition would affect my results later on... btw, i'm having a fever now...  *sigh*

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