Thursday, October 22, 2009

thank you and i will be a P-I-L-O-T !

i am now still very much shocked, surprise and happy that i've been selected as the final 10 candidates to be the Cadet Pilot for AirAsia.. its like OMG!!

well, i've actually got quite a lot of phone calls, sms-es, facebook messages, facebook posts and etc etc...
ladies and gentle, thank you very very very much for your kind wishes and your invitation to go for a drink and all that...
i promise you guys ok, before i leave, i will organise a gathering with all of you...
i am currently thinking about having 1 for company, 1 for college, 1 for schoolmates and 1 more for family members..

anyway, honestly, i wont be able to get through all the interviews without you guys giving me mental support and encouragements... as well, not to forget, AirAsia for choosing/ selecting me and having faith in me.. i will do my best and trust me, i will one day be there sitting in the cockpit and start flying all of you to the places you want to visit (with tickets ok!)...

well, i've got lot of things to prepare for now.. I have to go for my IELTS test this coming wednesday in AirAsia Academy as i will need a minimum of band 6 in order to pass and to study in Australia.. I am so damn nervous now (again) as i have no idea how will IELTS be carried out as well as how tough will it be..

anyway, i've got to renew my passport (which will be expiring this dec), make my visa, renew my IC (current one koyak d) and also get my stuff done..

btw, these are the coverage i've got after becoming the candidate for that programme..

this was from the AirAsia's Twitter

this was from Andrea's blog

this was from mich aka princess

and last but not least, jooying, my daughter

well, to the rest, thank you very much for your wishes.. i will do my best and be the man!!


Anonymous said...

IELTS is not that hard for a BANANA.. dont worry as not a banana also able to get 6.5. so to get 6 is very easy. IELTS 6.5= band 4 in MUET

.justDeriss. said...

wow..! congrats. enjoy flying XD

Ign@tius said...

thank you guys..

well anonymous, hopefully it will be fine for me.. haha... i only knew about it yesterday..