Monday, October 12, 2009


sometimes i just don feel belong-ed when i am in KL.. when Kelvin is not around, i'd be staying with my colleague and i would always term that as parasite-ing... i feel as though i am just like a disturbance and an unwanted object being thrown around from people to people, places to places just to get a shelter and warmth..

i've been having such feeling since i've started staying outside as i can feel myself as a burden to others, a disturbance which will disturb and mess up with one's daily routine... i've been disturbing my friend when they go for a date as i was bored, and now worst as i have to stay with my colleague every day as i don have a place i can call home in KL.. i don find myself to be anywhere useful to others in non-working related matters as i cant see myself contributing in a way... i feel so lost and unwanted all the time..

unwanted but sympathised

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