Sunday, October 18, 2009

the waiting

woke up at 3pm today, and well, its not really a productive day i would say..
didnt do anything much, but just went out for late lunch then to IOI Mall with friends...

well, the same question from yesterday keep on popping into my mind..
-what will happen if i fail the interview??
-what should i tell myself i fail??
-how should i react to the mail??
-how should i tell my family and friends about the bad news??

i have no idea what will happen la.. i am just trying to prepare for the worst.. its not that i've done badly in the interview, but its just that i am so scared and nervous.. i am not sure if the judges like the way i spoke to them and the way i gave my presentation..  all these thoughts are just going around my head and i have no idea who to share it with.. i've spoken earlier to my parents but they just told me the same thing just like what my friends told me.. its not that i don get what they mean, but its just that i have no idea how can i calm myself down and to just accept the fact that for my effort i've put in so far gone wasted.. all i know is that i must not give up on my dream and i will keep trying to get to where i want...

guys.. please... pray for me.. pray that i will get it.. i am really really nervous now..


Anonymous said...

Dont worry. You'll get it.

Ign@tius said...

when tomorrow comes, i will be waiting eagerly for the call..
hopefully it'll come in..