Sunday, November 29, 2009

Singi Singapore

just finished bathing after swimming... a moment please...

ok... well, today is like my 2nd day in gold coast..had a great night sleep in the very comfy bed after a long day of going around the town and get groceries for the week.. well, maybe i will talk about that in my post later tonight.. everything was fine btw...

ok, before i flew off from Malaysia, i went to singapore with kelvin and veronica for a day trip and tell you, it was totally nice... its my first time in singapore by the way.. well, they look about the same as us malaysians, but they just sounded differently when they speak (their ascent i guess)...

so, we visited Orchard and  few places by train.. well, although it was only November whenwe went, the place was fully decorated and felt as though its Christmas Eve... people were everywhere, malls were all lighted up and decorations was everywhere... as usual, i camwhored and had lots of picture taken.. haha..

this was the first thing i had in Singapore.. its some shreaded pork in mushroom sauce, and trust me, its good.. it cost me 3 Sing dollar for it... expensive?? what say you??


stupid connection... i'll continue later tonight... btw, i am using the connection from my senior's house as my house internet will only come in next week.. *damn it*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

official departure

okie peeps..

its confirmed that my flight will be on this coming Friday (27/11/09) in LCCT... and andrea, this time hopefully no more pilot's type of delay.. haha...

will update you guys later..

am in Johor and going to Singapore later for a short short trip..

ring me up if you have any questions...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The people I call family members

it has been so long since all my family members reunited and had a really really nice night together.. i couldn't re-call when was the last time when all of us were happily being together, having random conversation and just no screaming nor arguing in the house...

well, thinking back, it has been quite a while since i've really got back home having my sister not working at night, and both my parents not arguing over all the petty stuff... its sad to know that tonight will be the last night i will be spending at home for this and next year as i will be going to further my studies for a year or so in Australia..

as i am typing this post, a lot of memories came across my mind and i can still re-call when the 4 of us sat down and had a great time laughing and joked over random things in life.. I am really starting to miss all and everyone one of my family members now... i shall not continue writting as tears would be rolling down my cheek if i do..

my lovely mom and myself

dad and myself taken in Taiwan

taken with my sister whom i've always respected

this is what i call, a FAMILY

Dad, Mom and Sis, I will miss you all very very much...

now or what?

there're lots of confusion caused due to airasia currently.. a lot of my friends thought that i will be leaving Malaysia for Gold Coast on this coming Monday but the fact is that i will be going off on *I DONNO WHEN*... according to the word of mouth, it'll either be Tues or Wed but no one know when is it exactly till the final briefing in airasia's office this coming Monday..

anyway, i've got no freaking idea why people nowadays are freaking childish that they will go imittate someone and say something nonsense...joo, u've got my support against all those idiots!!

btw, i was featured in today's Star Newspaper in the Metro Central section.. haha... what a random one..

btw, the other guy standing next to me is Samuel..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


well, if you can, paste these words to you tube and you will laugh.. hahaha...

visited my maternal grandma last night for dinner and before i left, gave her 2 huge huge tight hug... well, she gave me these very warm and nice feeling la.. i miss her...

anyway, went out with mom and dad this afternoon to do more shopping.. bought 2 pairs of slacks in Padini in Queensbay mall and some stationeries in Sunshine Square... finished shopping and jalan-jalan at 6 then my dad suggested that we go makan in Teluk Tempoyak, which is actually a fishing village in the penang island since its just about 10 minutes drive away.. well, we were the first customer there and it was so peaceful as the crowd wasnt there yet...

well, the scenery there was breath taking (kinda)... took lots of picture as it was so peaceful and no one was kacau-ing me.. i think its a great place to go for a photoshoot la.. andrea, its a must for you to visit this place.. great food, great place..

my parents... they look great together isn't it??

well, my dad ordered a ikan panggang and nasi lemak as its a must have.. well, its spicy and trust me, you'll be craving for more after you makan...

anyway, its a must to have a pic of mine this time after my cam whoring session there...

*drum rolls*


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

lesser in time

as i am typing this, i am having some cream mask on my face done by my sister... i've been travelling between kl and penang quite frequently lately as i've just returned to penang from a 2 days trip down to kl for some briefing by airasia.. and guess what, i'll be going down to kl again this friday for another briefing and signing of contract with airasia in the lcct... by the way, i'll be leaving malaysia for Australia on the 23rd of November 2009, which is actually on this coming Monday... i've been having this mixture of feelings when i got to know about my departure date... i know that i'll miss malaysia and all my family and friends here while looking forward to be in Australia and to start my course... *sigh*

anyway, i am still sort of free on this sat and sunday...

i've been doing quite a lot of shopping lately.. i've bought 2 pairs of leather shoes from Robinsons in The Gardens, clothes, chinese and western medicines, shades, lots of toiletries and even more random stuff.. i am now looking forward to get another 2 pairs of slacks and maybe a winter scarf... *wink*

anyway, i've been doing quite a lot and took random pictures of the things i saw.. btw, mich, i am not putting my face pic in this post!!

chocolate ice cream in coconut shell... from night market in taman connaught..

i can tell you, its good.. although its not Baskin Robbins nor Haagen Daaz, its just so creamy and it just melts when it touches your tongue.. its a must try.. its actually quite hidden.. good luck finding it!!

its some spaggheti i had in a secluded cafe called FULL HOUSE in Niu Zhe Xui in Kelana Jaya.. great food!!

uncle's wedding on last Sunday.. bad food.. HORRIBLE!

anyway, i will definitely miss Malaysia and all the people here...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


i just hate it when people stop updating their blogs and its just left there unattended... well, i am not that type ok... *wink*

well, nothing much happened lately.. i am now back in penang to attend dad's cousin's wedding tonight and have to get back to kl early in the morning tomorrow to sign contract and to attend the briefing with airasia.. i have no idea why, but i just have this random feeling that i'll be leaving Malaysia rather soon.. maybe a week after the briefing or something like that??? i donno...

anyway, i will keep you guys updated when i know when i'll be leaving ok.. i have quite a number of cam whore pics... enjoy peeps...


Friday, November 6, 2009

counting down


Ray.Ban aviator from dad.. RM 580!!

the b'day cake i made for dad earlier this year!

gathering with ex TARC-ian today


picture with princess Michelle  *wink*

kin lim and mua

picture with sis in QB on day 1 Penang

birthday cake from Nelson and Wai Loon



travelling week

i am just moody and freaking tired now...i've been freaking busy for the past few days as i travelled back to penang and now again, i am back in kl.... took a bus on Tuesday afternoon after medical check up to return to penang.. well, it felt great to be back at home and having my family members around me to do stuff for me..

Day 1 in Penang :
mom woke me up at 9 or so then went to breakfast with mom and her friends; and for her to show off her son to the rest of her buddy... after that went to the STEWPIG imigration in penang to renew my passport and it took me few hours just to get things done.. well, those staff there have to know that procedures is not everything and sometimes, brains should be used to process documents.. well, as i want to get the student rate to renew my passport, i'm supposed to have an offer letter from the academy but instead, i've got a Confirmation-of-Enrolment (CoE) which is actually a document that comes after the offer letter... its like, come on la people... obviously that i've got my offer letter way before i receive this CoE as I've already confirmed a spot in Australia for my studies.. but those maniac there refuse to listen to me and kept on asking for my offer letter instead.. after arguing with them, i end up making my passport with a normal rate and it took them another hour just to get to my turn to submit forms.... that afternoon went to lunch with Kah Whai in SAKAE and i was soooooooo late and had him waited for 2 hours when i reached at 2pm... that evening was GSC for THIS IS IT by the late MJ..

Day 2 in Penang :
Woke up so much earlier at 8 something then went to collect my passport from the Imigration Department and then to the temple of Goddess of Mercy and mom wanted to make me Her God-son... well, it was very very smoky there... after all the joss stick burning, proceeded to paternal grandparents' house to pay them a visit before i leave for my studies... after that, went to the optometrist at the other side of the island to get my Aviator shades then only to pay respect to my late grandpa... after that was back in SXI with wai loon and Frank to visit the teachers and lunch at Seoul Garden.. after that, more food at maternal grandma's house for dinner and gave her a hug and kiss before i left to go home...

Day 3 aka today :
was awaken by the freaking alarm on my phone at 6 to prepare myself to come back to kl... boarded the bus at 7 then reached pudu at 11.30... rush to KLCC to collect my CASA Medical report then to wangsa maju to join whole bunch of ex Tarcian to makan and gila in some cafe... pictures to be uploaded soon...

i'm damn tired now and moody... i donno why but i feel like going back penang now and to just see my mom.. i miss her....