Tuesday, November 17, 2009

lesser in time

as i am typing this, i am having some cream mask on my face done by my sister... i've been travelling between kl and penang quite frequently lately as i've just returned to penang from a 2 days trip down to kl for some briefing by airasia.. and guess what, i'll be going down to kl again this friday for another briefing and signing of contract with airasia in the lcct... by the way, i'll be leaving malaysia for Australia on the 23rd of November 2009, which is actually on this coming Monday... i've been having this mixture of feelings when i got to know about my departure date... i know that i'll miss malaysia and all my family and friends here while looking forward to be in Australia and to start my course... *sigh*

anyway, i am still sort of free on this sat and sunday...

i've been doing quite a lot of shopping lately.. i've bought 2 pairs of leather shoes from Robinsons in The Gardens, clothes, chinese and western medicines, shades, lots of toiletries and even more random stuff.. i am now looking forward to get another 2 pairs of slacks and maybe a winter scarf... *wink*

anyway, i've been doing quite a lot and took random pictures of the things i saw.. btw, mich, i am not putting my face pic in this post!!

chocolate ice cream in coconut shell... from night market in taman connaught..

i can tell you, its good.. although its not Baskin Robbins nor Haagen Daaz, its just so creamy and it just melts when it touches your tongue.. its a must try.. its actually quite hidden.. good luck finding it!!

its some spaggheti i had in a secluded cafe called FULL HOUSE in Niu Zhe Xui in Kelana Jaya.. great food!!

uncle's wedding on last Sunday.. bad food.. HORRIBLE!

anyway, i will definitely miss Malaysia and all the people here...

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