Saturday, November 21, 2009

The people I call family members

it has been so long since all my family members reunited and had a really really nice night together.. i couldn't re-call when was the last time when all of us were happily being together, having random conversation and just no screaming nor arguing in the house...

well, thinking back, it has been quite a while since i've really got back home having my sister not working at night, and both my parents not arguing over all the petty stuff... its sad to know that tonight will be the last night i will be spending at home for this and next year as i will be going to further my studies for a year or so in Australia..

as i am typing this post, a lot of memories came across my mind and i can still re-call when the 4 of us sat down and had a great time laughing and joked over random things in life.. I am really starting to miss all and everyone one of my family members now... i shall not continue writting as tears would be rolling down my cheek if i do..

my lovely mom and myself

dad and myself taken in Taiwan

taken with my sister whom i've always respected

this is what i call, a FAMILY

Dad, Mom and Sis, I will miss you all very very much...

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