Sunday, November 29, 2009

Singi Singapore

just finished bathing after swimming... a moment please...

ok... well, today is like my 2nd day in gold coast..had a great night sleep in the very comfy bed after a long day of going around the town and get groceries for the week.. well, maybe i will talk about that in my post later tonight.. everything was fine btw...

ok, before i flew off from Malaysia, i went to singapore with kelvin and veronica for a day trip and tell you, it was totally nice... its my first time in singapore by the way.. well, they look about the same as us malaysians, but they just sounded differently when they speak (their ascent i guess)...

so, we visited Orchard and  few places by train.. well, although it was only November whenwe went, the place was fully decorated and felt as though its Christmas Eve... people were everywhere, malls were all lighted up and decorations was everywhere... as usual, i camwhored and had lots of picture taken.. haha..

this was the first thing i had in Singapore.. its some shreaded pork in mushroom sauce, and trust me, its good.. it cost me 3 Sing dollar for it... expensive?? what say you??


stupid connection... i'll continue later tonight... btw, i am using the connection from my senior's house as my house internet will only come in next week.. *damn it*

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