Friday, November 6, 2009

travelling week

i am just moody and freaking tired now...i've been freaking busy for the past few days as i travelled back to penang and now again, i am back in kl.... took a bus on Tuesday afternoon after medical check up to return to penang.. well, it felt great to be back at home and having my family members around me to do stuff for me..

Day 1 in Penang :
mom woke me up at 9 or so then went to breakfast with mom and her friends; and for her to show off her son to the rest of her buddy... after that went to the STEWPIG imigration in penang to renew my passport and it took me few hours just to get things done.. well, those staff there have to know that procedures is not everything and sometimes, brains should be used to process documents.. well, as i want to get the student rate to renew my passport, i'm supposed to have an offer letter from the academy but instead, i've got a Confirmation-of-Enrolment (CoE) which is actually a document that comes after the offer letter... its like, come on la people... obviously that i've got my offer letter way before i receive this CoE as I've already confirmed a spot in Australia for my studies.. but those maniac there refuse to listen to me and kept on asking for my offer letter instead.. after arguing with them, i end up making my passport with a normal rate and it took them another hour just to get to my turn to submit forms.... that afternoon went to lunch with Kah Whai in SAKAE and i was soooooooo late and had him waited for 2 hours when i reached at 2pm... that evening was GSC for THIS IS IT by the late MJ..

Day 2 in Penang :
Woke up so much earlier at 8 something then went to collect my passport from the Imigration Department and then to the temple of Goddess of Mercy and mom wanted to make me Her God-son... well, it was very very smoky there... after all the joss stick burning, proceeded to paternal grandparents' house to pay them a visit before i leave for my studies... after that, went to the optometrist at the other side of the island to get my Aviator shades then only to pay respect to my late grandpa... after that was back in SXI with wai loon and Frank to visit the teachers and lunch at Seoul Garden.. after that, more food at maternal grandma's house for dinner and gave her a hug and kiss before i left to go home...

Day 3 aka today :
was awaken by the freaking alarm on my phone at 6 to prepare myself to come back to kl... boarded the bus at 7 then reached pudu at 11.30... rush to KLCC to collect my CASA Medical report then to wangsa maju to join whole bunch of ex Tarcian to makan and gila in some cafe... pictures to be uploaded soon...

i'm damn tired now and moody... i donno why but i feel like going back penang now and to just see my mom.. i miss her....

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