Wednesday, December 30, 2009

for 2010

referring to my previous post to shave, i've my housemate has decided that its best for me to shave and the sacrificial hair-cutting ceremony was carried out at 2000 Australian time by a man at the age of 27, who is as well.... bald....

anyway.... I'VE COMPLETED ALL MY 10 PAPERS!!!!! and i pass all of them with 3 100%... lol..
i've finished my BAK level and will be doing lots of flying after this to complete and clock hours and to prepare myself for the upcoming solo flight which is schedule to be on mid January if the weather permits...

ok... since its almost close to the end of 2009, its time to check back my to-do-list that was prepared last year and to see if things were accomplished...

LIST FROM 2008 FOR 2009
- have all the health in the world *eyes rolling*
- gain muscles and be sexy and hot and super handsome
- get good grades for my studies    (considered partially done)
- have a stable life and relationship
- have enough money to spend everyday, every second of my life *wink*
- everyone i know to be healthy and happy all the time
- have world peace and a world which is a better place to live in *amen*
- be a pilot in the future! (on my way there)

ok...... so...... i've only accomplished 2 out of 8 and..... fine... i will carry forward the remaining ones to year 2010 and add more stuff...

-have all the health in the world
-gain muscle, be sexy and super handsome  x 2
-get good grades for my studies
-have enough money to spend everyday every second of my life
-everyone i know to healthy and happy all the time
-have world peace and world which is a better place to live in
-still be a pilot
-be a good swimmer
-visit Sydney and Perth
-complete my course in Australia
-see koala bears and kangaroos
-be an active blogger
-finish up my P.S. I Love You

and to be continued again..

btw, picture requested by Michelle,


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

to shave?


what was in your mind?!? i meant my hair ON MY HEAD!!!

well, my stupid batchmates especially my housemates are trying so hard to brain wash me and getting me to shave bald as my hair is so called "long" and being bald will be smarter for me...

you see, as the hairdresser here are like some rare extinct species of human, a hair cut here is freaking expensive... the cheapest hair cut one can get here is about 30 Aussie Dollar ( and try multiply that by 3 into RM), my batchmates decided to bring a hair shaver here and just go *ZzZZZang* whenever their hair is long... they somehow find being bald is "fun" and cool but i definitely know that its not and nowhere close to even spell the word COOL...

as all my friends would know, i am a very vain metrosexual guy and i'd dress up (the guy's way i mean) whenever i go out... but being bald doesnt help at all in my case... i don't mind being bald (or maybe with short hair) if i have a very masculine and strong features but i am not that... shiat!!

with hair....

no hair..
help anyone?? BALD OR NO BALD?!

Friday, December 25, 2009

picture of christmas

picture from christmas eve in Surfer's Paradise.. MERRY CHRISTMAS PEEPS!!

hard rock cafe in Queensland (impressed huh?!)

the biggest christmas tree i've seen in Aus (which is so much smaller than the one in Mid Valley)

cam whore in Time Zone, which is the biggest arcade in Queensland

don call me a cam-whorer!!!

shalini who is one of my female batch-mate

picture with shalu at Surfer's Paradise

now call me a cam-whore...

and again....

merry christmas..

don stare at my picture with that  o.0  look ok...  i did all the cam-whore because i am getting bald soon.. i will definitely miss my hair... *sobs*

typical NOT Christmas

yaba yaba yaba yaba...

well, since its christmas, its like a compulsory thing to wish everyone... so...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and don't kill yourself by drink and drive

anyway, its my first year having to celebrate christmas here far (literally) from home and well, in a world of crazy friendly strangers (blondes)... what i had in mind before this was that Christmas is some hot huge chaotic crazy fancy event celebrated in all the ang moh's (western) countries but i got a shock of my life today when i was in the Surfer's Paradise looking out only to see a few santarinas and Santa Clause's in their red sexy (really literally sexy!) robes..
i personally thinks that Malaysian loves partying celebrating Christmas than the people here in Gold Coast as you will see tonnes of monsters/ barbarians spraying white stuff on the road when the clock strikes 12 in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.. i am not saying that spraying those bottles of CFC is good, but what i meant is that maybe people in Malaysia are most enthusiatic maybe??   O.o
btw, i've noticed one thing about the Aussies... they love getting drunk and disturbs people of other races... you get what i mean..
p.s.  pictures coming up tomorrow, hopefully!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


RTFQ... RTFQ.... RTFQ...

exam tomorrow and all i need to do now is study study study and study... well, RTFQ = Read The F Question... believe it or not, this term is widely used in Aus and well, the cadet pilots always use this term...

cant blog now.. lots of exam and tonnes of stuff to study... and the best thing is, after this exam, the following exams will be on tues and a week or so from now... GREAT!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

flying facts


i just had my beauty afternoon nap...  there are a few facts about flying.

Flying Facts :
1. Its freaking tiring
2. Birds aren't cute when they hit your plane
3. Big planes are big bully
4. Its not easy to land an aircraft
5. Its even harder to take off an aircraft
6. Clouds aren't fluffy if you are to fly through them.
7. Its fun!

well, just did my 4th flight this afternoon and i had to skip my lunch for it... you see, i was suppose to go for my flight at 10 with the same instructor from yesterday but after doing all my pre-flight inspections and submitting my flight data to the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) while waiting for my instructor to come for my flight, the weather just changed from a clear blue sky to a stormy thick grey cloud with gusty winds.. due to that, my flight for 10 was cancelled so i was then told that theory lesson will be carried out at 2 (it was only 11 when i packed up and left the aircraft) and we have break till then.. due to that, my friends and myself head home for curry lunch *drools*... anyway, after we've done all the cooking, a call came in and walla, they expect me to go back to fly now as the weather has just turned better and no more ugly clouds in the sky... the flight was fun and i did several landings and take off as well as stallings (which felt like roller coaster)...

anyway, yea... i am tired and hungry now... dinner is being cooked and hopefully, it tastes good..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2nd on.... whose sunday again?

this is a little crazy as i've put my blog on hold for a few weeks and out of a sudden, i am posting 2 posts in a day... *walla*

ok.... as i've said earlier, it has been the stupidiest (if the worst exist) Sunday ever in Australia and all i've been doing after coming back from my academy was to have my lunch in the dining area then to return to my small little isolated white painted non air conditioned dark room to go online... yeap... that is basically my room...

back to my random 2nd awkward random post, i've just finished going around hunting blogs to read and to update myself on what is happening in my friend's / strangers life around the world.. i've read people writting about their life, sex, rants, bitchings, gossipping, movie reviews and lots of stuff but one thing that i noticed is that everyone enjoy writting down whatever they have in their life (DUH!)...

ok... i've just read this blog from (i'd call him) The Beau and its just lovely... 2 souls of different generation living together and working towards their dream of opening a starbuck in Malaysia and going to gym for Pilates... (hope you're not reading this)

back to myself... i think i should start planning for my life after i've completed my studies here (if i am lucky enough not to die in a plane crash) in Malaysia as a P-I-L-O-T!!  (yes, i still enjoying spelling every single alphabet of that career!)

lets see... i have several options that i can think of for now..

1. Work as a P-I-L-O-T to the day i die and save all my money to buy myself a huge coffin
2. Work as a P-I-L-O-T and visit the gym as often as i can to look hotter!! (i've always wanted to be HOT, SEXY P-I-L-O-T TOO!)
3. Work as a P-I-L-O-T and plan for my wedding and get myself a huge beer belly.
4. Work as a P-I-L-O-T and enjoy my bachelor life to the max with all the Flight Attendant and die with HIV.
5. All of the above.

oh well... of all those options i've given myself, i see myself as a P-I-L-O-T in the near future and work my ass off while trying to enjoy life to the max...  i take full pride of being able to be here!!! *wohooooo*

btw, my friends are still playing CS!  and i am hungry..

whose Sunday is this??

what is so fun about holding a gun running around chasing after your friend and shooting them down??? well, i don mean that literally but doing that in the cyber world in front of a stupid screen laptop... that is basically what my housemates/ batchmates doing now since 1 pm... btw, its almost 6pm now.. =.=

well, my friends threw me a birthday party yesterday night at my place for my birthday and things were fine.. not that bad... the best thing was i don have to clean up the mess as i had to sleep early as i've booked a flight the next day (which was this morning)... woke up at 7 then reached the academy at 8 and the first thing i did when i was there was to visit the pc in the flight planning room to check out the weather.... guess what, the TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) forecasted that there will be broken clouds and high probability of thunderstorm.. after few hours of long waiting (AFTER PREPARING MY FLIGHT PLAN AND CHART!), my instructor came in and tell me ' HEY MATE... THE WEATHER DOESN'T SEEMS TO BE GOOD AND YOU CAN GO BACK ANYTIME NOW.. '  *total silence*


its like hello!!!! its a sunday morning and i woke up freaking early in the morning and waited in the academy for a couple of hours only to know that my flight is cancelled... bugger!!!

anyway, back to what i was saying in the first paragraph, what is so fun about cyber game??? the only game i am playing now is Pet Society from facebook and its just nice... oh ya, i play the Flight Simulator too.. aren't those healthier??? *wink*

ok... about this picture.... *erm*........ I WAS BORED OK!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

2nd long

it has been 3 weeks since i've been here and only a post was sent regarding my life here... well, i've cleared out my first licence which is the FROL (Flight Radio Operation Licence) the past Monday... its all MCQ's and the passing mark for it is 70 but AirAsia wants all of us to get at least 80%...

i've got my new phone here right after i signed up with the 3 phone operator.. its a Nokia E63 btw... life is ok here but all i have here is school, studies and home... although it might sound glamour that i am here in Gold Coast for studies but i don feel anything at all... its just a place full of bitches beaches and australians who are sometimes a little racist...

i've gone for 3 flyings so far and my 4th and 5th flight would be tomorrow and Monday... its rather fun to fly but trust me, its nothing easy... its not like driving a car when you have 7 major instruments to check and also to look out and to apply the right amount of throttle and pitching and *breathes* and yawing and rolling and not to forget, lookout for planes and freaking birds!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

uploaded finally

ok... i better start uploading pictures before the line goes bad..

ok... here comes all the pictures that i promised you guys before i left... well, class started since the first day on Monday but there were all these random stuff that came on in between the class for the administration work la.. We covered 2 introduction topics on Monday, 2 on Tuesday and had another 3 done today... I've been having 3 different instructors teaching me so far and well, all of them are nice people and rather helpful... The seniors here were very kind that they spend the first 2 days with us for groceries and showing us around and not to forget, a party from the Academy on the past Sunday..

i know andrea will be saying that i look stupid in this picture, but trust me, it was not meant to be.. i was just bored as we were given 10 minutes break in between topics so my friend and i started taking stupid pictures.. btw, the uniform came in yesterday but they got my name tag spelled incorrectly... they spelled Ignatius as IgnatiVs... how stupid right... well, i am getting it done now and it should be coming in by this Monday... btw, us students are not issued with the pilot cap while studying in the academy... so don come asking me for the cap... I've not got my bar/s yet as I've not completed my first solo.. it will only be put onto the cadet once he/she has completed it and of cause, not to kill him/herself.. (DUH!)

this is the picture taken off the plane when we were arriving in Gold Coast.. and nope that i didnt on my phone to the call mode while taking this pic..

oh ya... this picture... believe it or not, this was a green chili i had in my hand.. its gigantic and thrust trust me, i had the same image coming into my mind you're having now when i first saw it... well, believe it or not, i had the 'thrust' cancelled out above there because i've been spelling and writting THRUST for my studies in class and that spelling just came out naturally.. *damn it*

ahh... this was the MCD i had in Tweed City Mall and there were bacon in it.. it cost me about 3.40 aussie dollar for the burger and ice cream... expensive?? what do you think??

ok.. not to forget, all these are the KIND people that came send me off in the airport in Malaysia on Friday night... thank you guys and TRUST me... i miss you all very very much...

till some other post, have a good day mate!!