Sunday, December 20, 2009

2nd on.... whose sunday again?

this is a little crazy as i've put my blog on hold for a few weeks and out of a sudden, i am posting 2 posts in a day... *walla*

ok.... as i've said earlier, it has been the stupidiest (if the worst exist) Sunday ever in Australia and all i've been doing after coming back from my academy was to have my lunch in the dining area then to return to my small little isolated white painted non air conditioned dark room to go online... yeap... that is basically my room...

back to my random 2nd awkward random post, i've just finished going around hunting blogs to read and to update myself on what is happening in my friend's / strangers life around the world.. i've read people writting about their life, sex, rants, bitchings, gossipping, movie reviews and lots of stuff but one thing that i noticed is that everyone enjoy writting down whatever they have in their life (DUH!)...

ok... i've just read this blog from (i'd call him) The Beau and its just lovely... 2 souls of different generation living together and working towards their dream of opening a starbuck in Malaysia and going to gym for Pilates... (hope you're not reading this)

back to myself... i think i should start planning for my life after i've completed my studies here (if i am lucky enough not to die in a plane crash) in Malaysia as a P-I-L-O-T!!  (yes, i still enjoying spelling every single alphabet of that career!)

lets see... i have several options that i can think of for now..

1. Work as a P-I-L-O-T to the day i die and save all my money to buy myself a huge coffin
2. Work as a P-I-L-O-T and visit the gym as often as i can to look hotter!! (i've always wanted to be HOT, SEXY P-I-L-O-T TOO!)
3. Work as a P-I-L-O-T and plan for my wedding and get myself a huge beer belly.
4. Work as a P-I-L-O-T and enjoy my bachelor life to the max with all the Flight Attendant and die with HIV.
5. All of the above.

oh well... of all those options i've given myself, i see myself as a P-I-L-O-T in the near future and work my ass off while trying to enjoy life to the max...  i take full pride of being able to be here!!! *wohooooo*

btw, my friends are still playing CS!  and i am hungry..

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