Monday, December 21, 2009

flying facts


i just had my beauty afternoon nap...  there are a few facts about flying.

Flying Facts :
1. Its freaking tiring
2. Birds aren't cute when they hit your plane
3. Big planes are big bully
4. Its not easy to land an aircraft
5. Its even harder to take off an aircraft
6. Clouds aren't fluffy if you are to fly through them.
7. Its fun!

well, just did my 4th flight this afternoon and i had to skip my lunch for it... you see, i was suppose to go for my flight at 10 with the same instructor from yesterday but after doing all my pre-flight inspections and submitting my flight data to the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) while waiting for my instructor to come for my flight, the weather just changed from a clear blue sky to a stormy thick grey cloud with gusty winds.. due to that, my flight for 10 was cancelled so i was then told that theory lesson will be carried out at 2 (it was only 11 when i packed up and left the aircraft) and we have break till then.. due to that, my friends and myself head home for curry lunch *drools*... anyway, after we've done all the cooking, a call came in and walla, they expect me to go back to fly now as the weather has just turned better and no more ugly clouds in the sky... the flight was fun and i did several landings and take off as well as stallings (which felt like roller coaster)...

anyway, yea... i am tired and hungry now... dinner is being cooked and hopefully, it tastes good..

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~大头~ said...

hehe...nice to heard that you get your dream..
keep it on~~

Happy Flying..