Wednesday, December 30, 2009

for 2010

referring to my previous post to shave, i've my housemate has decided that its best for me to shave and the sacrificial hair-cutting ceremony was carried out at 2000 Australian time by a man at the age of 27, who is as well.... bald....

anyway.... I'VE COMPLETED ALL MY 10 PAPERS!!!!! and i pass all of them with 3 100%... lol..
i've finished my BAK level and will be doing lots of flying after this to complete and clock hours and to prepare myself for the upcoming solo flight which is schedule to be on mid January if the weather permits...

ok... since its almost close to the end of 2009, its time to check back my to-do-list that was prepared last year and to see if things were accomplished...

LIST FROM 2008 FOR 2009
- have all the health in the world *eyes rolling*
- gain muscles and be sexy and hot and super handsome
- get good grades for my studies    (considered partially done)
- have a stable life and relationship
- have enough money to spend everyday, every second of my life *wink*
- everyone i know to be healthy and happy all the time
- have world peace and a world which is a better place to live in *amen*
- be a pilot in the future! (on my way there)

ok...... so...... i've only accomplished 2 out of 8 and..... fine... i will carry forward the remaining ones to year 2010 and add more stuff...

-have all the health in the world
-gain muscle, be sexy and super handsome  x 2
-get good grades for my studies
-have enough money to spend everyday every second of my life
-everyone i know to healthy and happy all the time
-have world peace and world which is a better place to live in
-still be a pilot
-be a good swimmer
-visit Sydney and Perth
-complete my course in Australia
-see koala bears and kangaroos
-be an active blogger
-finish up my P.S. I Love You

and to be continued again..

btw, picture requested by Michelle,



AmeZac said...

i guess nobody was stopping you...

~大头~ said...

you scarified your hair....

Ign@tius said...

well, my friend did... but....... *sigh*

jooying said...

imagine this....

jooying laughing her arse OFF!!!!!

Ign@tius said...

not funny joo...