Friday, December 25, 2009

picture of christmas

picture from christmas eve in Surfer's Paradise.. MERRY CHRISTMAS PEEPS!!

hard rock cafe in Queensland (impressed huh?!)

the biggest christmas tree i've seen in Aus (which is so much smaller than the one in Mid Valley)

cam whore in Time Zone, which is the biggest arcade in Queensland

don call me a cam-whorer!!!

shalini who is one of my female batch-mate

picture with shalu at Surfer's Paradise

now call me a cam-whore...

and again....

merry christmas..

don stare at my picture with that  o.0  look ok...  i did all the cam-whore because i am getting bald soon.. i will definitely miss my hair... *sobs*


~大头~ said...

why you say so?
where got bald?

Ign@tius said...

going to be soon.. haha..