Tuesday, December 29, 2009

to shave?


what was in your mind?!? i meant my hair ON MY HEAD!!!

well, my stupid batchmates especially my housemates are trying so hard to brain wash me and getting me to shave bald as my hair is so called "long" and being bald will be smarter for me...

you see, as the hairdresser here are like some rare extinct species of human, a hair cut here is freaking expensive... the cheapest hair cut one can get here is about 30 Aussie Dollar ( and try multiply that by 3 into RM), my batchmates decided to bring a hair shaver here and just go *ZzZZZang* whenever their hair is long... they somehow find being bald is "fun" and cool but i definitely know that its not and nowhere close to even spell the word COOL...

as all my friends would know, i am a very vain metrosexual guy and i'd dress up (the guy's way i mean) whenever i go out... but being bald doesnt help at all in my case... i don't mind being bald (or maybe with short hair) if i have a very masculine and strong features but i am not that... shiat!!

with hair....

no hair..
help anyone?? BALD OR NO BALD?!

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