Friday, December 25, 2009

typical NOT Christmas

yaba yaba yaba yaba...

well, since its christmas, its like a compulsory thing to wish everyone... so...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and don't kill yourself by drink and drive

anyway, its my first year having to celebrate christmas here far (literally) from home and well, in a world of crazy friendly strangers (blondes)... what i had in mind before this was that Christmas is some hot huge chaotic crazy fancy event celebrated in all the ang moh's (western) countries but i got a shock of my life today when i was in the Surfer's Paradise looking out only to see a few santarinas and Santa Clause's in their red sexy (really literally sexy!) robes..
i personally thinks that Malaysian loves partying celebrating Christmas than the people here in Gold Coast as you will see tonnes of monsters/ barbarians spraying white stuff on the road when the clock strikes 12 in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.. i am not saying that spraying those bottles of CFC is good, but what i meant is that maybe people in Malaysia are most enthusiatic maybe??   O.o
btw, i've noticed one thing about the Aussies... they love getting drunk and disturbs people of other races... you get what i mean..
p.s.  pictures coming up tomorrow, hopefully!

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