Wednesday, December 2, 2009

uploaded finally

ok... i better start uploading pictures before the line goes bad..

ok... here comes all the pictures that i promised you guys before i left... well, class started since the first day on Monday but there were all these random stuff that came on in between the class for the administration work la.. We covered 2 introduction topics on Monday, 2 on Tuesday and had another 3 done today... I've been having 3 different instructors teaching me so far and well, all of them are nice people and rather helpful... The seniors here were very kind that they spend the first 2 days with us for groceries and showing us around and not to forget, a party from the Academy on the past Sunday..

i know andrea will be saying that i look stupid in this picture, but trust me, it was not meant to be.. i was just bored as we were given 10 minutes break in between topics so my friend and i started taking stupid pictures.. btw, the uniform came in yesterday but they got my name tag spelled incorrectly... they spelled Ignatius as IgnatiVs... how stupid right... well, i am getting it done now and it should be coming in by this Monday... btw, us students are not issued with the pilot cap while studying in the academy... so don come asking me for the cap... I've not got my bar/s yet as I've not completed my first solo.. it will only be put onto the cadet once he/she has completed it and of cause, not to kill him/herself.. (DUH!)

this is the picture taken off the plane when we were arriving in Gold Coast.. and nope that i didnt on my phone to the call mode while taking this pic..

oh ya... this picture... believe it or not, this was a green chili i had in my hand.. its gigantic and thrust trust me, i had the same image coming into my mind you're having now when i first saw it... well, believe it or not, i had the 'thrust' cancelled out above there because i've been spelling and writting THRUST for my studies in class and that spelling just came out naturally.. *damn it*

ahh... this was the MCD i had in Tweed City Mall and there were bacon in it.. it cost me about 3.40 aussie dollar for the burger and ice cream... expensive?? what do you think??

ok.. not to forget, all these are the KIND people that came send me off in the airport in Malaysia on Friday night... thank you guys and TRUST me... i miss you all very very much...

till some other post, have a good day mate!!

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