Sunday, December 20, 2009

whose Sunday is this??

what is so fun about holding a gun running around chasing after your friend and shooting them down??? well, i don mean that literally but doing that in the cyber world in front of a stupid screen laptop... that is basically what my housemates/ batchmates doing now since 1 pm... btw, its almost 6pm now.. =.=

well, my friends threw me a birthday party yesterday night at my place for my birthday and things were fine.. not that bad... the best thing was i don have to clean up the mess as i had to sleep early as i've booked a flight the next day (which was this morning)... woke up at 7 then reached the academy at 8 and the first thing i did when i was there was to visit the pc in the flight planning room to check out the weather.... guess what, the TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) forecasted that there will be broken clouds and high probability of thunderstorm.. after few hours of long waiting (AFTER PREPARING MY FLIGHT PLAN AND CHART!), my instructor came in and tell me ' HEY MATE... THE WEATHER DOESN'T SEEMS TO BE GOOD AND YOU CAN GO BACK ANYTIME NOW.. '  *total silence*


its like hello!!!! its a sunday morning and i woke up freaking early in the morning and waited in the academy for a couple of hours only to know that my flight is cancelled... bugger!!!

anyway, back to what i was saying in the first paragraph, what is so fun about cyber game??? the only game i am playing now is Pet Society from facebook and its just nice... oh ya, i play the Flight Simulator too.. aren't those healthier??? *wink*

ok... about this picture.... *erm*........ I WAS BORED OK!!!!!

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