Thursday, December 30, 2010

love and all of that


for my love to chocolate

strap me in

As I was writing this, I was pretty much on the way of developing claustrophobia as I was all cramped up in a small little economy size chair (STRAPPED IN) in a long narrow metal tube 40000 feet or so above the sea.

Don't get me wrong that I hate flying but sometimes the people sitting around me in the flight itself make me hate flying with them. Being a student pilot myself and in the near future a pilot for an aircraft, I just find that there are heaps of stuff that makes my flying less comfortable and fun as what it should be.

I totally hate having :
-kids especially young crying ones
-people who knows nothing about aircraft but trying to act as though they're the designer and own the Boeing company
-grumpy people that keep complaining out loud about how stupid the staffs are and the airline
-ignorant bastards and bitches who are way too fat to take up a seat thus having his/her fats overflowing to my seat
-idiots that sleep and snore out loud and worst that their head would lean over to my shoulder

Yea, flying should be fun only if you're in the cockpit I guess.

Monday, December 20, 2010

till next time

you know that sometime things that you do, see or even listen to remind you of something... it can be something or someone you used to know or things you've ever done at that very specific moment when the song/video/object happens to be there...

there are things that i can remember clearly like what happens when that certain song is playing and what i was doing 3 years ago with that someone, but still i think that i would rather not remember... its not that those memories are no good, but just that i will be very embarassed and might end up in pain thinking back what i've done...

certain memories are good to be kept while certain other are better to be just left the way they are... things happen and everyone try to move on, and i should try to...

anyway, on a happier note, i will be going for a Christmas Holiday in Fiji in 1 more day and yeap, i am all excited about it.... the trip will be i think a 8 days 7 nights trip and we will be staying at a beach resort.... there aren't many things planned up now, but i think that it will be good fun...

just all the way to fiji to explore and just leave everything behind... time to look and appreciate what i have and blessed with, and move on from what i should now call, the past.... but before that, tomorrow's plan.... wake up whenever i want, go for body boarding (surfing wannabe) behind my house and complete my pre-holiday shopping...

see you peepies next year i guess!! HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My last word

As I am writing this, I am feeling my age catching up and all the illnesses knocking at my door. This will probably be my last post or written words before i commence the next phase of life.

You may not be able to recognize me when I'm walking along the street after this or worst that you may not even notice my presence. It's kinda sad that my life has went passed me so fast and I totally did not notice how the years just went by and I've spent it doing things that a kid would do; Fooling around with friends and going mad over the pettiest thing.

Probably I will regret wasting my youthful days doing all those things I did, but I can do nothing now to rectify my past. For whatever wrong doings of mine to whoever it is, I sincerely apologize for it (except those stupid b*tches and b*st*rd that I've cursed and hated).

I will definitely miss all my friends from school and college, and not to forget people that have came past in between. It was good fun having you guys around although some were less appreciated than the others.

And to myself, I'm grateful for all the alcohol I've downed and the ciggaretes and drugs that I've declined. I enjoyed my sober and drunken life, and of course the people that was there for me at both times.

Here I am now, bracing myself for the next phase of life trying to recall what i've ever done in the past 19 years. Here comes the beginning of the second decade of my life, as well as the wrinkles that comes with it...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

silly me or them

Believe it or not, I'm currently queuing up for something I have no idea what it's about. All the reason why I'm doing this is only because ive seen heaps of people lining up and there's this huge banner outside the shop saying SILLY SALE TODAY ONLY and it's outside a jewelry shop.

I remember that about a few days ago when I was just walking around in a mall and I saw this kinda famous jewelry shop having a diamond ring and stuff for like 1 dollar.

It's funny that all these random ladies behind me keep complaining and cursing while they will be so nice later when they get in to get whatever diamond ear rings they want.

Anyway, I still have no idea why am I standing outside the shop with my laptop with all these desperate aunties. Haha

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



travelling alone is not what im looking for

Monday, November 8, 2010

touch and keep going

Bloody spammer just cant leave my blog alone and nope, i will not be dedicating this precious post of mine to you!!

 just so you know, i am currently still alive and living and yes, still in australia... forgive me for the negligence towards the poor blog of mine, but i just cant really put enough words in my little brain to compile a post or something....

nothing much has been going on lately but just me and my typical random life... travelling from places (sometimes in aircraft and sometimes in car) every now and then... i've officially finished all of my theory part for my Commercial Licence and all i have to do now is to just complete the flying and the test...

anyway, i miss hanging out with my buddies... well, i AM am not like the super famous kinda kid in town but yea, i still used to have like certain group of people where i am very comfortable to be with and just go crazy and wild but i think that im kinda losing most of them because of the distance and the lack of communication... everyone kinda moved on and like have their new group of friends and i guess things will not really be the same anymore....

enough of the emo part, im currently planning a good long holiday after i complete my course here... Probably will return to Penang for a couple of weeks, then to KL for a few more days... after that officially, i will (hopefully) be flying over to BKK for a few days, then SG... if time and money permits, maybe to Taipei!!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

brush my teeth


a bear waiting for its teeth to be cleaned

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tall but?

Ok, it has been quite a long while since I've mentioned or even wrote anything serious-ish in my blog.

Anyway, something has caught my attention lately regarding Malaysia's latest national budget plan. I'm not a financial expert and not even close to one, but I do think that building another high rise building in the heart of Malaysia aka KL is more to a waste of the tax payer's money than benefiting them.

You see, the Malaysian prime minister said that the purpose of building that (another) sky scrapper is that it will symbolize Malaysia as a developed nation. No doubt that he may be right up to a certain extend, but isn't the Petronas Twin Tower is already and still doing it's job, and not to forget, the KL Tower?

The mentioned project that has yet to be taken place was said to cost like I-don't-know-how-many-but-a-few billion Ringgit. No doubt that the mega project will be able to create a lot of job opportunity, but I'm pretty sure those job opportunities will be taken up by more Bangladeshi or whatever country labour more than malaysians.

What Malaysia critically need now is a united nation, improved and MAINTAINED infrastructure than new ones that will be awfully expensive and to be turned into another KOMTAR in Penang. Spend the money to develop states like Kedah, Terengganu etc etc

Fully utilize whatever Malaysia is presently having, maintain or improve them, then only think big. No point of building another expensive building that will be 30% vacant or so (figures are just my own guessing).

Well, I better stop now before being bombarded by any political guy or economist.

Hopefully when I return to Malaysia, I will not see another tall random building being built.

Chinese short..

I don't know whether it's me being another racist hypocrite or what, but I'm kinda in a shocked/disappointed state where the biggest race in the world aka Chinese are behaving like.... well, Chinese.

You see, I'm currently in this mall where the Chinese or Asians are mostly likely to be found walking everywhere dominating the area and for the past 2 hours, I've been sitting in Gloria Jeans operated and managed by an Indian to do my aircraft endorsement on my laptop. After being in the cafe for a while, I couldn't find any power socket to recharge my lappy and eventually, it ran out of battery and I wasnt able to complete my work.

So as the smart me and thinking that I'd be able to find some power socket to recharge my laptop, I proudly walked out of the cafe, and happily walk around the small looking at the floor and the wall as though I'm hunting for a rat with fingers crossed hoping to see one next to a chair.

However, after like 20 minutes of walking (around the mall over and over again) I only managed to find 2 sockets on the wall which doesn't have any power supply. It's like HELLO, THIS IS A SHOPPING MALL AND THERE IS ONLY 2 SOCKETS AND WHY ON EARTH AREN'T THEY WORKING WORKING?!

Oh wait..... Im in a Chinese mall... Probably I will have to like insert coins for the electric to come...

no power


after walking around the mall for like 20 mins, i finally found 2 plugs which has no power.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

hot enough to melt your heart


Max Brenner to melt your heart

More to Chinese

I do always label the Chinese society as more of a stingy kind of people. And like they make the most out of their all-so-mighty one dollar.

You see, when a Chinese visit a grocery store to buy let's say like a bunch of spinach, he/she would like compare to another store 20km away which is like 20cents cheaper. I'm not trying to say that it's not a good thing to be a smart consumer, but like how much can the all-so-little 20cents do to you? At this time of the century, I think that it may be able to get you a quarter of a chup-a-chup(I'm sorry if this lolly sounds unfamiliar to you due to your age) or like 34 drops of petrol into you car.

So ya... It's good to be wise, but do be sensible too. Be a sensible and wise consumer..

*if you feel like walking 20km to get that vege, you'd probably faint on the way there; or some other Chinese lady has already bought it*

for fun in halloween


kids toy apparently.

When it goes AHHH

It has been so so so long since I've had such a perfect weather, having the sun shining straight onto my fair bum with no clouds while not having to worry about flight or anything related to my studies and aviation.

You see, it's not that i got sick of flying or my studies, but i really just want a day out on a perfect shiny day to just spend everything I have.

Talking about which, I think I need to buy a pair of sneakers for my casual wear. I've been wearing the same pair of shoes since a year ago from Malaysia which only cost me like RM30.

Just so you know, I have different pair of shoes for different purposes or occasion. I've got 2 pairs of leather in which I use one of them for school while the other is for some ball or dinner kinda stuff; And obviously, a pair of sport shoes, thongs and not to forget my beloved sneakers.

Don't you dare to label me as some shopping fanatic!! I'm just a metrosexual keeping everything used for what it is meant for

sun tanning


a day to go without worries. all bright and sunny

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've never actually taken note of the usefulness of my humble little hotmail email till today. You see, I've created my current email, Ken_8** for more than 5 years now but like I've actually only really fully utilized it this year. When I was first introduced to the cyber world when I was 12(at then it was still only tmnet) after my mom got me a desktop. At then like I knew nothing about the computer and the Internet and google was like some other foreign language that I could never understand. I still remember that I was so stupid at then that I didn't know what to put as my email that I went for a vey chinesey number because my whole name for the email was not available. Anyway, like now, I have to refer to my email everyday for my schedule and all the serious matter but yea, I have to literally check it at least twice a day.

What kind of email do I have in the inbox? Facebook spam and some random stupid newsletter! Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Doctor ass

Does consumer has the most right to everything? Well, even when it comes to a professional field, I still strongly believe that it is right to listen to the consumer aka the indirect boss. You see, my grandma was brought to a private hospital in Penang because she has an injury from a fall few days ago and as well as having a fever. After discussing with my sis, we both decided that it's best for my grandma to stay over in the hospital for her safety and convenience sake. However the bloody bitchy idiotic doctor who attended her disagree and told us that there isn't any need and she wouldn't let my grandma to be admitted. It's not that I'm trying to act smart or anything, but as a consumer and the one paying for the stay, I have to say that the doctor is a pure ignorant monkey. Who knows what's best for my grandma?! A bloody doctor that careless about her patient or her family member?!! Btw, my sister is a medical practitioner too and she knows medicine. That bitch should be glad that I'm not in Malaysia now or I'll make sure that the cheque she receives this month would be the last she got from the hospital. Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, October 2, 2010

All night Long

There's always this day in a week that I will always look forward to everyday. When I was in my primary school, I remembered that my favorite day has always been the Tuesday while I've always hated Thursday. Don't ask me why but yea, that was me Now when I've grown older into my young adulthood(maybe not that young anymore), I look forward to every Saturday cause that is like the whole 24 hours which I can have and I can sleep as late as I want the night before as well as on Saturday itself cause I still have the little bit of buffer the next day

You see, I usually would like to spend my Saturday right and stay up as late as possible so that I can go for a drink or two or to even just go party and hit the clubs with my buddy cause I know very well that Sunday will be another empty day which I can sleep through. Anyway, how's your Saturday? Spent wisely by doing something you like? Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

stopped before i come

you know what, i may be nice and quiet, but i do have my temper and dont ever get me to the point where i may just explode... I am quite well known for having a bad temper in my family, but i have been trying to keep it where it is, just within and to my family members...

anyway, i was scheduled for a flight today later in the arvo, but as i was preparing for school and was about to leave, the bloody instructor emailled me telling me that all the flights today has been cancelled due weather... its not like he dont know that the weather would be bad today, so why in the first place bloody book me in for the fucking flight?! damn it...

now i have a whole day to kill (being rescheduled for the flight tomorrow morning at 8) and not knowing what to do... God!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuffing it in

Life as a student pilot is not as easy as anyone thought and trust me, they have to study and work their tight ass off draining every single brain cell off.

Well, as I've mentioned earlier yesterday, I'm currently doing my CPL Performance & Loading and there are more formulas for me to memorize than to count the amount of hair I have on my armpit. In one day, more than 5 formulas are drilled right in to my little thick skull and having me to know what it's used for and how it's applied. To just complicate things, there are heaps of magical numbers that we have to memorized like 2680, 2630, 2360, 2950, 2725 and like another 20 more numbers for different application. I wonder if any of the mentioned number would help me get rich by hitting the lottery. Sigh Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ride on

Hey peeps!! Guess what. I've got a new iPhone and now able to have a proper blogging mechanism to blog on the go. I've been pretty busy for the past few days and I think that I will still be for the next few weeks. Studies has been alright had an exam for my CPL Navigation and I managed to scored the highest in my batch. Yours truly managed to get only one wrong and ended with 98%. * wohoooo* Anyway, I'll be in more theory class for the next few weeks as this would be my last theory subject but it is as well like true toughest of all 7. Weather has been pretty crappy, but thank God that I've recovered from the bloody sickness and am totally not dependent on medication anymore. Btw, I so love this phone. So smooth and so cool!! Iggy@beston - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

spring off

i cant blog!!! damn it.... i wanted to blog about my roommate not knowing how to iron his shirt, but only managed to extract a paragraph worth of words from my tiny brain...

well, today has not been the best day, with me being 2 minutes late for class (mind you, it is as well my first time late for class) and stupid socks that fail me, and some bloody friend that kinda annoy me because he got annoyed with me...

you know, it is this kind of day that i just wish that i can just walk off to a place all by myself, or just to a place where no one knows me and just sit there to watch time pass by...

i came back at 3 this arvo, changed into a pair of shorts, hop onto the bike and cycled out to a place which i know very well, and not one of my friends know of.... i just want to be all by myself with the nature...

maybe its just me or something, but i kinda realised that i've been quite emo lately.... sorry dear readers... probably will just let this blog float awhile...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lazy to do it

as most of my friends or even those who knows me, i am typically lazy and would as well usually get away with things when i just tell them i am lazy because the fact is that, I AM LAZY!

you see, i am sometimes pretty random that i would have like tonnes of stuff in my mind that would give me so many inspiration to blog about, but due to my laziness, i would just let it stay where it is (my mind) and keep them safe to the extend that i would just forget about it...

i remember that i wanted to blog about my studies, my trip to sydney, my friends and all that, but it is just the bits and pieces which is still left there in my thick skull while the rest is like safe in the vault... maybe i will update anytime soon when i manage to get the inspiration back... hopefully i do...

Monday, September 13, 2010

in bed with me

as some of the readers may know, i live my weekdays like a daily routine and everything just happen like a time table... wake up, go school, lunch, back class, cycle, eat, sleep and the cycle goes on and on and on.... sometimes i may do something out of the ordinary, but most of the time is just like an addition or a  reward for myself after studying the whole day...

like when i have some extra time in the afternoon and the weather is not good for me to cycle or i am just too lazy, i would just take a short beauty afternoon nap to just replenish my energy after all the studies i've done in class...

i dont know about others, but i personally even have quite a special way of sleeping... when i sleep, i would usually like to turn my body to the side (right most of the time) and have something to hug on (which i wish is a person)... as i am in Australia and not having my bolster, i would usually just curl and roll up my comforter and hug it to bed...

i know its weird, but i find it very hard to sleep if i dont sleep in that manner....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

touching in public

ok... resuming what i was blogging the other day, i was saying that i really cant live without my phone... it has been such a norm and like its part of my nature to have my wallet, keys and phone organised in the pockets on my pants... my phone will always be like in the right pocket, keys and miscellaneous in the left pocket, while wallet will always be in my back left pocket (hopefully no pick pocket-ers are reading this)...

like whenever i go out, i dont really have to look and check, but just *left touch*, *right touch* and then *touch right ass* to know that i've got all i need to go out...

anyway, talking about my iphone, i would usually like spend my free time other than sleeping touching and chatting or whatsoever on it to kill time and to avoid having my eyes staring blankly in the public... so yea... guess what... i am presently online using my iphone tethered to my mini laptop... cool eh??

p/s. i would definitely die without my phone

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guess what. Apparently the app that I've got earlier on my phone didn't help me in keeping the blog space update and to keep my readers with me. By anyway, I have to admit that I am very much a phone (iPhone) especially now that I can barely stand living without the phone for Like 30 mins. Well, as I was at Sydney with my parents, my dad wants to use my phone as a modem to tether tithe Mini laptop to go online. As a result, I have to go out withouty phone and trust me, I......( continue blog later as phone is hard to blog)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

On my tool

Finally after so many months after I've got my lovely iPhone, I've found a blogging app on my phone which allow me to blog on the go and to write whenever I have something in mind. Perhaps because I'm a Chinese(a typical one) I only got the free version which means that I'm very limited with what I can do and blog about. First I can't do picture blogging, then I can't do fonts differential and guess what, I have to live with the bloody cheap apps advertisement. Anyway, hopefully I would be able to blog more now and to have lesser of an excuse of not to blog. Haha

Saturday, August 28, 2010

dreamy virginity

woke up like 7 in the morning today to get back home and prepare for a flight later on today... well, i find it kinda funny that i myself finding it very hard to get back to sleep after being awake for like more than 30 mins...

i am kinda a person who finds sleeping to be kinda waste of time but just love doing it... its like i hate it when i wake up late in an off weekdays knowing that half of the day is gone which also means that half of my planned-to-do-list has to be cut off half... i know that its not like i have heaps of stuff or plans to be accomplished, but i just feel like i could have spent the time wiser than by snoring snoozing in dreamworld (not the theme park)..

talking about DreamWorld, maybe i'll be paying that place a good visit this coming Monday for the first time (i know right.. my virginity) with my lovely FAMILY!! maybe i've not announced it here yet, but yours truly's parents + sis (& her bf) + me beloved grandma will be departing Penang to KL and then to Gold Coast and to spend 10 lovely spring days with me..  i'm so excited now to see them.... it has been like 8 months since i waived goodbye to my parents and grandma when i left penang for kl....


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

losing it

i just hate it when i cant my belonging... its like i have it a moment ago and the thing i know, i cant find it anymore... the lucky unlucky item lost (or in a better phrasing, misplaced) today is like my key...

well, things were just like usual today when i came back home after school... before i enter my house, i just took out my keys and just check my letter box to see if i've got any items or letter and then proceed back home...

like 20 mins after that when i decided to go cycling after i changed, i couldnt find my keys... i started looking everywhere, under the bed, underneath the sofa, at the letter box and even the fridge(cause i opened the fridge before that) but it wasnt there... i was like almost gave up when someone asked me to check if its my jumper or jacket...

as i put my hand into the jacket, walla... its bloody sitting there while i was running all over the place looking for it... how i wish that my keys(and everything i have) have like some gps signal where i could just find it on a map if i ever misplaced it again...

i dont know... sometimes i just do things so randomly that it kinda just happen even involuntary like putting my keys in my pocket or like just taking off my shoes and like losing one side of it...anyway, now i am kinda lazy to go out after finding the keys... maybe its like a message from God telling me not to go... heheh...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

teach me


I've always wanted to be able to master the language of the sexy asians since i was like in secondary school, but i just never had the chance to do so... Few days ago when i went out to have dinner with billy and his mom at sushi train, i was like  O.O staring at billy's mom speaking japanese to the staffs making some order...

i don't know why but i think that the Japanese language is kinda sexy and interesting... imagine being able to converse to your friend in japanese in front of everyone... its like ORYAUKO DESU GO BODES KARU KA? with everyone going like oooooooo...aaaa.....

anyway, anyone wanna learn japanese with me or anyone willing to teach?? i'll treat you to sushi and a cup of green tea *puppy eyes*