Sunday, January 31, 2010

closed weekend

ok... flight got cancelled AGAIN today due to the same old reason, bad weather... Some huge cyclone is coming in and expected to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday and even before its arrival, some grand huge ass cloud rain is already here bringing along some strong and gusty wind..

although flight was cancelled, i was still required to be in school today as JM wanted to brief my whole batch on the BIF theory before we really go out and fly the plane with a hoody blocking our view when we fly our plane... the purpose of the lesson is just to prepare us for the worst scene if we are having to fly in clouds with no visibility and not risk the life of our passengers..

ok... anyway, since its a weekend, don wanna get to technical on flying stuff... its just quite cold here with nothing much to do and able to do.. as i love shopping and just discovering places rather than just staying at home doing nothing (if i am not lazy of course), i went out to Tweed City Mall just to top up my phone and have some chinese food for an affordable price... However, when i reach there, it was already 3 according to New South Wales daylight saving, and the shops are already close... imagine this... its a freaking Sunday and the shop were close at 3 in the afternoon.. If i were to convert the time at then to Malaysian time, it would only be 12 in the afternoon where shops here closes... really really sad i tell you... and i mean that literally... i took a bus for a freaking long hour to just have a walk and a slightly more decent meal but ended up having bloody MCD and watching all the shop closes.. and mind you, the MCD was about to close as well as i was the last customer there...
they might as well just hang this at their door!!

If i am to be in Malaysia now, I will so be in Sunway, OU, MV or Pavillion shopping my ass off and having bags of stuff with me... bloody weekend la...

I am now planning for a trip down to Brisbane next weekend if i don have class or flight to just pre-celebrate my CNY... maybe during the CNY weekend as well i will be going to Brisbane's Chinatown to feel more chinesey... hehe...

you'll never miss CNY as much as i do until you're here without much asians.. by the way, the Ginger here is priced at AUD $19.99 per kg...   its AUD!!! you'll as well never treasure pandan leaves and ginger till you're here...

Saturday, January 30, 2010


(amount of fun gained when you should be studying)  x  (2 times of hardwork needed to put in) + (even more effort to study) = crossing fingers of good lesson the next day

*this is the price you'll have to pay for not studying and going out to have fun!!*

My flight was cancelled this morning due to some super duper ultra strong random wind from God knows where... Anyway, my friend just randomly suggested to go to the Movie World by Warner's Brother here in Gold Coast and within 30 minutes after i woke up, i got my ass prepared and dress up...

As yours trully is always a good cadet, i make a call to my flying instructor today (JM) to re-confirm of the cancellation of the flight then to ask him what should i prepare on for the lesson the next day(which is actually tomorrow on Sun)... I was then told to just maybe drop by in the school today IF i want to just to collect some notes... As i AM a good student, i ride my bike to school right after i got myself prepared and dress up before i depart to Movie World..

Anyway, i had loads of fun in Movie world.. first we went to the Scooby Doo coaster ride.. it was some indoor small coaster ride but its rather fun as the designer of the game really added lots of creativity in it... Then we went to the outdoor coaster called Lethal Weapon where it was a 'floor-less' kind of roller coaster ride where the seats were connected from the top to the rail instead from the bottom.. the ride was short but so much better than the Cock Cork Screw we have in Genting... after that we stop for a little lunch before we proceed to watch the 4D Shrek.. its kinda cool as its quite real and there were water squirting into your face and moving chair and smoke...

After some kiddy type of fun, we went for the Superman ride where there were 4.2 positive G-force and some negative G-forces... call me silly but thats the thrill-est ride i've got so far as i've never visited any Disney land or theme parks other than Genting UNLIKE YOU LUCKY RICH PEOPLE!!

picture courtesy of Google... btw, the red colour rail is the red-underwear-man-ride

anyway, after that crazy wacky guy-with-red-underwear-outside ride, we went to visit the Kelawar Man (Batman) ride... its something like the Solero Shot in Genting but instead of shooting (pardon the pun) from above, its from the ground up... the 2nd bat ride was some simulated flying ride inside a room.. that basically sum up the rides i had today in Movie World...

I am looking forward in visiting that place again anytime soon as well as the rest of the theme parks here within 6 months as i got the 6 months VIP pass which allows me to visit all the theme parks as many times as i want to... If you are to drop by Gold Coast and decided to go to the theme parks, do let me know and i will just be there to have some great fun with you!!

for now, pictures are still not available due to stupid-memory-card-not-working reason... forgive me but that is not what i want also ok!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

2nd and better

ok... after i created the post this afternoon, i received a call from an australian number.. i picked up and he introduced himself as AH and i was like, HOLLY SHIT!!!

AH : Hello mate.. Is this Ignatius??
Me : Yes it is... May i know who is this?
AH : Hey Ignatius.. this is AH and are you in school?? We are going to fly now..
Me : *eyes widen and look at watch* No.. I am not in the school but if you want me to, I will be there in 5 minutes..
AH : ok... see you then..

I immediately went to the closet, grap my uniform (as i was already partially naked preparing to shower) and my tie and ran out of the house and cycled at 150knots to school.. As i was entering the entrance, i saw him sitting at the front desk smilling and booking the circuits with the tower for my flight... I have to get the aircraft checked and prepared in 20 minutes and expected to be airborne 10 minutes after that..

As you all already know, i AM a safe, responsible yet efficient pilot, i did everything i should do and got just in time to taxi my way to the run up bay before i got cleared for airborne... As not to get too technical about the flight, i'd just conclude that the lesson i had was the best i've ever had... I regained my confident on landing the aircraft and yet to maintain a good circuit pattern...  I have no idea how can i thank AH for his great advice and willingness to help me out when i really need that...

i'm now freaking tired after flying a total of 2.6 hours today and i will have to fly again tomorrow for the BIF (Basic Instrument Flying) in the noon.. wish me luck and night!!

maiden training area solo flight



no.. i didnt crash the plane nor kill anyone or any animals but i am not really satisfied with the flight i had earlier this morning... blooooodyyyyy  &#$@-ing landing screwed the whole lesson and trip today...

woke up at 4 and got really really really really lazy due to the comfy bed and rain which really cools the place down... pulled myself off the bed at 4.30 by keeping the alarm snoozing from 4.00 so i can do my 5-more-minutes-la thing...

anyway, after reaching school partially drench in rain, went to check the info and aircraft and got signed off for my solo flight... everything was ok with a little hiccups here and there as there tower had some problem arranging and clearing the runway for *ahem* THE SOLO-IST for his maiden flight to the training area without the extra weight having to carry the annoying cum kacau-ish instructors...

ok.. so i took off and tracked to the training area and broadcasted my intentions of flying and commencing my maneouvre at Bogangar (the name of the town sounds weird right?) to the invisible traffic there... did some super steep turns and woke the whole town up at 7.00 am.. after finishing all that turns and flying around for a little sight seeing and cam whoring, i went to some air strip at Mooball (another weird town name) to Practice Forced Landing.. it was not too bad la... still ok as i was able to land (if i really want to) and keep myself alive in case of an emergency..

as i check my clock that i've clocked 1.3 hours, i decided to head back to YBCG (Gold Coast Airport) to end the flight.. as i was coming in, i saw AirAsia X's Xanadu coming in to land from Malaysia.. well, i heard the pilot in command speaking to the tower requesting for landing as they were just ahead of me by 2 miles... i followed not long after they landed but then there comes the nightmare...

*jeng jeng jeng.....*

as i was coming in for my short final approach, i idled the power and flared too much thus getting a balloon and hit the ground hard and bounce.. as a measure to correct that bounce, i added a little bit more power to cushion the aircraft but the aircraft straight sink-ed and hit the ground for the 2nd time and bounce again.. straight away, i increase to full power and commenced a go-around... it was so shitty that the f@#$ing landing spoilt the whole good flight i had before that... the worst part was the head instructor was standing outside the hangar and saw me commencing my go-around... he said i did good on my decision making but the fact was that he didnt see me landing as it was blanketed by the tower... if he's to see my landing, he'd definitely got a shock of his life and start cursing me and look like this

haihz... anyway, i took quite a number of pictures during my journey from the airport to the training area.. am trying to upload those freaking pictures but something seems to be wrong with my memory card... forgive me andrea...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

schedule re-scheduled


*rub eyes*


good day people!!!!! hehe.. i feel so much refreshed now after having a beauty sleep an afternoon nap for an hour or so... I woke up at 4 this morning to prepare myself for my solo flight today which was supposed to be at 6.30 but having to brief JL latest by 5.45am...

so... woke up, pulled myself together and turn on the tap and soaked showered and nibble on some biscuits and not to forget, a cup of coffee before going to the basement to grab my bike (sounds so cool right?)... but as i walk down the stairs, i only found out that the remote for the gate is dead and i couldn't get it started at all.. so, i walked back to my house and just walked to school without even taking a glimps at my bike...

in school, i went to the flight planning room and get all the weather information i need and complete my flight chart and then to the front desk to grab the keys for the aircraft that i will be flying to just check out the condition of it.. as i've grabbed the keys and stepped out at the hangar, i got a shocked of my life seeing the aircraft being blown sideway...

the thunderstorm that i mentioned yesterday was so strong that it blew most of the aircraft off their parking position even though it was being towed and secured with METAL CABLES.. if the aircraft wasnt secured, i bet that it will be blown away and just crash and *kaboom* with pieces of aircraft everywhere... scary right?!

ok... after being shocked and acknowledge the power of mother nature, i inspected the aircraft to find no severe defects so i went in to brief JL and to complete all the dispatch form... as i hop on the aircraft and get the engine some prime, i crank the keys in and the engine started but it was soooooooooo rough that the whole aircraft was shaking like no one's business... as i thought that there might be water in the fuel tank, i throttle up the aircraft to just burn off the water or even lead deposit but it went even rougher... After trouble checking the engine by even leaning the mixture (fuel : air mixture), i decided to just idle off the throttle and out of nowhere, the engine just stopped and died...  *jaws drop*

imagine this... if i didnt check the engine before i go flying, and assumed that i just ignore the rough running, i would just have a real engine failure and not able to blog anymore (see how much i love you readers?!?!!ghehehe), crash and die... I am at least smart enough to spot the problem with the aircraft and decided to abort the whole flight today... I am a safe pilot with great situational awareness!!! gehehehehe...

anyway, i attended the morning class after that and went for my AGK test... guess how much i got again??

fine... i got 100% again...

mind you, its not easy to get all the questions right... my friend only got 45%... hehehe... i am so happy...

ok la.. need to prepare for my re-solo flight for the training area tomorrow morning at 6.30 again.. hopefully i will be having good weather and good aircraft accompanied by good briefing and preparation!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

weather needs to be improved just like me..

the weather condition in Gold Coast currently is at its worst and its the worst i've ever seen in my life as well.. the trees were all blown to the extend that its about to break and the traffic light was shaking and oscilatting as though its being bent over by a bulldozer.. its just so sudden that the weather changed from a clear blue sky to a dark windy and gusty weather with the wind blowing and the thunderstorm striking here and there... it is as though its dooms day and places are to be flooded and buildings tumbled...

I went for my Training area solo check earlier this afternoon and overall, i did faily poor compared to my previous lessons... I noticed that my confident level has been brought down by MP and i no longer have the guts and courage to land the aircraft in the mere 10 knots of crosswind as i was able to do it in 15kts of crosswind with AH... I was not able to deliver the maneourve as good as what i did in the previous lesson and even AH who was flying with me today questioned me on what happened and why am i not performing as well as what i did with him.. After a long flight of 1.7 hours and de-briefing of 25 minutes, he informed me that i am safe for my training area solo tomorrow but i've got to improved myself and to be as good as how i was last week.. I've got tonnes and tonnes of materials and maps to get familiarise with before i go for the flight tomorrow as i will have to brief another instructor, JF prior to the flight..

mind you, i will be going for a solo tomorrow and there will be no instructor or anyone to save my ass if i am to get into trouble.. I am being put in responsible of what i do and i can do not more than the mistakes i did today... pray hard for me that i do well tomorrow and regain my confident...

God bless my flight and myself!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

how to dis-hate?

*drum rolls*


hehehe... well, i was supposed to the navigation test yesterday but due to the computer being booked by other students for some other exam, it has been postponed till today and i managed to get all the 15 questions regarding navigations correctly.. hehe.. i am so happy... well, my next paper is most probably this thursday or friday and its AGK (Aircraft General Knowledge) and its about the engines and the systems of the aircraft.. i still have lots to study on and even more to learn and as usual, keeping up all my good work...

anyway, after my class today at 4, myself and my roomie went out to grab some groceriesat the town for the house (its my first time going out with my roomie btw)... after we reach the grocery store, we were joined by another batchmate of mine who actually dislike my roommie.. I was left there being stuck in the middle as both of them didnt want to talk to one another and it was just the typical awkward silence when 2 enemies sit right opposite one another on a table (you get what i mean)...

i tried so hard trying to bring up some random yet general topic so both of them can just talk but trust me, when i mentioned or try to discuss something, it will only end up being a topic between me and either one of them... the worst part was both of them almost argue on which biscuits is better as my roommie was arguing for the value for money while the other person was saying that quality food should be consumed... I was then again and worst of all having to make the tough yet non bias decision while i didn't want to offend any one of them.. after a while of thinking for like 5 seconds with another awkward silence, i then took both the biscuits and put it into the trolley... *i know i am smart*

if you were me and you're put in my shoes being in that situation with such decision to make, what will you do and how do you break the super duper huge ice??

Monday, January 25, 2010

flight in progress

it has been a long long day for me today just like some other day where i have to fly and attend ground school the very same day.. The only different thing i had today was that i was assigned to fly with a new instructor who previously taught me in the ground school.. well, in order not to confuse you people, let me label my instructors according to their initials..

1st instructor   :  JM
2nd instructor  : AH
3rd instructor  : JS aka egyptian guy
4th instructor  : MP

so you see, i was previously told that every cadet will get at most 3 instructors in their training but because the school wants me to progress faster and to clear me off to the Training Area Solo, they are putting me with the 4th instructor for today's lesson which is the PFL (Practice Force Landing)... so, as usual, i prepared and studied up for my flight the night before the real thing and today, i did sort of ooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkayyyy for the flight.. however, MP has just got this very very rude and rough way of sending the message across to his student and he was literally forcing the control column (aka yoke) of the aircraft whenever i make some itsy bitcy mistake.. i am not saying that he's bad but can't he just be a little gentle to me (I DON MEAN IT LITERALLY!) when teaching me?? *sigh*

its not like i will do this! =.=

anyway, i take back all the bad things i said about JS and now i am going to put all the bad stuff i've said onto MP... am i complaining too much now??

ok... on a happier note, i am so flattered and honoured that i have a follower who reads my blog and also, ENJOYS reading it... thanks and i'll try to continue updating this page for you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

nothing at all

Have you ever just feel super duper bored with a long day to go but knowing that you have to study but you're lazy??? If you had this feeling or you're feeling it now, come ring me up and give me a huge high 5...

I am so so so so so so so bored with a whole long afternoon to go with nothing to do other than to study.. I know i will be having my Navigation test tomorrow but i am just a big fat ugly lazy bum wanting to do something but not study... I used to be so deprived of sleep but i don't think that its a good idea now to sleep as i know that i will feel freaking guilty waking up at 6 later and to know that i did nothing productive for my weekend...


guess what, i am so bored and lazy that i have no idea what to do or even to write for this post.. I am just so random that i've browsed through the web, facebook, nuffnang, youtube and even wikipedia but nothing was able to really catch my attention to just sit down and focus... I feel so freaking unproductive...

and you know what, if you are reading this post on a Sunday afternoon, i bet you're just another me.. BIG FAT LAZY BUM acting stupid and bored... now now, don laugh because you are!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the closure

ok... after the incident last night, i feel damn guilty to argue with my mom but i still insist that she's at wrong as she took my stuff without telling me!! You see, i am that kind of person that can get really really dramatic and upset over stuff easily but once my fire is burnt and gone, i will be ok and sometimes (like this incident) feel damn guilty for arguing with the opposition as i know that my temper can be quite hard to handle at times..

anyway, back to what i was saying... after calling my mom all the way in Malaysia for that argument, I felt damn guilty and bad as i think i over exagerated things slightly as it was only MY FAVOURITEST SHIRT THAT I BARELY WORE... so, i tried calling back to malaysia to just randomly talk to my mom but when my dad picked up the phone, i had that awkward feeling of donno what to say as you know, SORRY SEEMS IS THE HARDEST WORD... maybe God was at my side at then when i rang her as she was busy and the line got disconected due to bad coverage.. and you know me, i always listen to the God.. *wink*

so i didn't try calling my mom again till earlier today after i've completed my flight in the afternoon.. we had a kinda short conversation on skype and there was this part where i felt damn guilty

Mom : Boy, i saw the phone having 7 miss calls from you... Were there anything urgent??
Me    : Oh..... *long pause*...... No la... Just wanted to ask you something... but its nothing important now..
           just forget about it la...
Mom : *different tone* You sure??? What was it about??? (she sounded very curious)

*as you know, i was a debater and i can come out with something damn spontanenous*

Me    : No la.. I want to ask you about my Maybank stuff only... i know d now so its alright la...
Mom : Oh.... ok.....

so you see... i managed to trick her into it and make sure that everything was back to the usual before i had to go for lunch.. hehehe... *wink*

Friday, January 22, 2010


all i feel now is anger and it is all over me...

my mom has repeatedly, continuously and like it or not taking/ doing or even messing with my stuff without asking my permission or just the least letting me know after doing it... This time, my mom has really really really got me pissed off although i am in another continent that she took one of my super duper favourite shirt and use it as some stupid bloody effing casual-everyday-house-wearing t-shirt!!! That T-shirt is one of the kind and i personally like it very very much that i didnt even wore it out unless for some big occasion and lesser than 5 times in total... That shirt was gift from my God-brother 2 years ago as my birthday present and i really really like it although its simple.. Its simple yet freaking comfortable to wear as its a silk like material.. i donno la.... I AM FREAKING MAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is not exactly the first time she messes with my things.. I am not saying that i own everything in my room but the least is that i am the rightful owner of all those materials or objects and I have the right of it... Previously, she just messed with my laptop when i was at home by just switching the main switch off whenever she 'THINKS' that i left it on on purpose... its like HELLO!!! i am not that brain dead and leaving everything running and arranged and air cond switched off to just leave my laptop on hanging just like that as though i am blind... Other than that, she just moved the furniture in my room as though its her room and she is just not asking my permission or the least, OPINION  about it...

the issue now is to respect my decision and to respect my privacy..... DAMN IT!!!

donno la.. damn pissed off now!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

need...... cafffffffeeeeinnnnne....

i am an addict of


well... i was never that much a fan of coffee till i came over here to australia.. its not that i dislike coffee but i was just having this neutral affection towards it and its not like i can die without it but its a different story now.. You see, in my academy, we're provided with coffee and fresh milk everyday and its just left there in the cafeteria and its a self service policy.. as a chinese malaysian, i just drink as much as possible help myself with the coffee and on one fine day, a friend of mine made me this coffee with milk... although its just some cheapo coffee powder with random milk, it tasted like starbucks and trust me, i was craving for more even after finishing a cup of it... since then, its like a must for me to get a least a cup of that coffee in school everyday during the break..

as the same old daily routine today, i took a mug, get the coffee, some sugar and mix them in the hot water.. however when i opened the fridge, i had a heart attack knowing that there were no more milk and i was left with only black coffee with water... it was one painful decision to just continue with what i have and not to drink coffee with milk... due to that, i am now *sniff* feeling damn awkward without it.. me need coffee with milk!!!!

any one out there who's a coffee addict??? you'll know how i feel now... it feels as though u're lacking something in life and feels damn uncomfortable.. argghh!!!

see the difference??? with and without milk?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

safe pilot

*say that with me*

was having a horrible headache this afternoon after lunch and guess what, i was put on standby while waiting for the wind to settle down before i go out to complete my 3rd solo.. a part of me wants to complete that solo but another part of me wants to just go home and sleep and take a panadol due to the bloody pain i am getting from it.. however, as an ETHICAL and RESPONSIBLE PILOT (yes, thats me!), i decided to just wait and let the pain get over with instead of running to my closet to grab 2 panadols.. *bangga*

anyway, at 3, my instructor decided to send me home to wait for his call if the condition gets better instead of having me to wait in the school while doing nothing.. as soon as i reach home, i got my shirt and uniform removed and jumped onto the bed and sleep (with a little bit of fb-ing before that) and have my phone and everything ready to go just in case that i do receive a call from him... after a long short nap to re-energise myself and to get rid of the bloody headache, i woke up at 4 to just check the weather forecast to see that the wind is still as strong and definitely i wont be flying...*yeehaaaa*

after that went to Aldi to buy stuff again for my friend and the house but thankfully, i didnt fall off the bike nor nothing broke.. *big grin*

ok.. dinner time...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I miss Malaysia very much and even more for my friends and family members... It has been almost 2 months since i've stepped foot on that very land where i was born and grew up in..

My flight today got cancelled due to bad weather with a very strong crosswind of 10kts which would actually topple my aircraft if there is a sudden gust or increase a wind speed during my take off or landings.. Due to that, I am rescheduled to fly again tomorrow in the afternoon with the same instructor i had for my 1st and 2nd solo flight..

As we were doing nothing in class, my ground school instructor decided to gather my whole batch to start off the Navigation subject for the PPL course and things were kinda ok but there're lots of technical stuff... basically, navigation is all about navigating (self explained) from a place to another and in our case, an aerodrome to another aerodrome without a GPS or any tracking device.. all we have is just maps, pens, ruler, eyes and a CR2 Computer... mind you, the computer i mentioned is not exactly the one u're having in mind as its basically just a complex protractor with the ability to compute various stuff when we turn it correctly to its point...

you see... its just a device made of complicated compasses with the ability to turn..

from nowhere

i just found out that my senior's (here in Australia) father just passed away.. My deepest condolence to him and his family and may his soul rest in peace.. Its very shocking and no one was prepared to hear this from him... he first requested permission to return to Malaysia to see his father who was hospitalised due to a high fever for a week... but less than a week after he left, we received the horrible news knowing that his dad has passed away...

it really triggers me on how short life can be.. out from nowhere, a bad news comes in and take away a man's life.. come to think of it, i am already 20 years old this year and my dad in his early 50s and mom in her late 40s... i honestly don feel that till this morning... my parents are no longer the person they were when they were young, being able to go for extreme sportings... my grandmother is already in her 70s and... i donno la... i have no idea how to continue this post....

do treasure your loved ones... don't start doing it only when they're gone...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Put your hands up!

i've completed my PPL Meteorology Pre-test today and guess how much i score???? 

*put your hands up*

anyway, i am scheduled to go for my 3rd and final circuit solo flight before i am assigned to go for my solo training area flight... i will have to clock in another 0.8 hours (48 mins) of circuit around the Gold Coast airport... Circuit is basically a pattern of flying done by an aircraft (in a rectangular form) around the airport with a touch-and-go with every landing... i bet that it will be a tiring flight tomorrow..

oh ya... today was not actually the best day i've had but surprisingly, i am not that furious of what happened..

1. Dropped a small box of blue berries after paying right in front of the counter with everyone staring at me.. However, the kind cashier and a young man helped me cleaned it up and i was given a new box of blueberry for free..

2. Fell off the bicycle when i was trying to come out from it while a middle aged lady was next to me.. She didn't laugh at me though instead telling me that its normal for people here in OZ to fall of their bikes and maybe it happened to me today due to the super extreme hot weather (35*C)

3. When cycling back after buying all the stuff, a plastic bag broke and my friend's apple juice was in it..

4. (This is the funny one)... I went to the atm machine to draw money.. After viewing how much i have in balance, i decided to draw 130 aud to just round out the figure.. however, when the money came out, i THOUGHT that the machine only gave me 90 bucks as there was only 1 piece of 50 dollars and 4 pieces of red colour notes... as a malaysian, i thought that the red colour notes was 10 dollars so i had a shocked of my life and was about to stomp into the bank to question them.. however, after a short while of recounting the money and calling my friend to ask for help, i only saw the printing on the notes as 20 dollars... you see... silly right?!?!?!  LOL

see the similarity?! if you don't, you're colour blind!!!

ok... i am going off to bed now... flying in the morning.. pray for good weather and good flight with the egyptian instructor so that he will clear me for my 3rd solo...

anyway, may the 6 souls of the clhs-ian rest in peace from the dragon boat incident in Penang.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SOLO soooooo low....

sorry folks for not updating the page for a week or so... was rather busy coping with my PPL (Private Pilot Licence) course and my solo flight... all of these stuff came in at the same week and lots to prepare and my PPL Meteorology test is up on this coming monday... good right??

btw, i've completed my solo flight yesterday in a Cessna 172 N model with the registration of VH-JFR... so if you were to spot that aircraft in the air (i bet you cant cause its too small), that might be me... anyway, after that solo, i again went for my 2nd solo flight in that very same aircraft an hour ago doing circuits... mind you, flying alone without the instructor is very scary but very much peaceful as there will be no one to start yelling telling you to check this and that and to make sure everything is in place... LOL

ok.. after the completion of my solo flight, i was given the applaulets (donno how to spell la!!) and gained my first bar on my shoulders... (beat that!!).. well, at least i have more deco now other than just a plain shirt with name tag, AirAsia tie and an ASIC pass.... wohoo!~~~

my house's internet has been down for the past 1 week and i am now having to cycle all the way to my friend's house to just get the internet... so, do forgive me for that....

oh ya, my hair is starting to grow back!!!!!!  beat that andrea!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Credit Debit Cards

Well, as i am still a student, i am not being issued any credit by any banks nor having any credit cards being supplemented by my parents (unlike some ppl!)... I dont find having or even owning a credit card something marvelous nor huge as personally, i know i will be spending more as i have a larger limit and yes.... i am a shopaholic......

anyway, i have been issued with a Tune Card by Tune Money when i was applying for my CIMB AirAsia Savers account... Well, i was told by that malay lady in the bank that the card is good and yada yada yada crap as though people will bow down to me as soon as they see my card... so you see, after all the hassle of applying, my card came to my house in Malaysia 1 month ago and my mom just sent it to me via some courier along with some documents to Australia and now the card is with me... obviously just like any other financial cards, they will require the card holder to activate the card and all that stuff.. as i've seen in the letter, all i need to do is just to log on to and i will be able to activate it..

it can't work at all!!

however, when i was logged onto that webpage, i couldn't sign in because according to the system, i've already had an account there and i can just log in... BUT when i try logging in with my e-mail address and the password, it was then stated that i dont have an account and i have to contact their customer service at a local Malaysian number.. btw, i've tried all the passwords i've ever had and there is no way for me to retrieve the password from them other than to call stupid can the system be?!?!!!

now i am considering of abandoning that card and go back to Malaysia and scream at that bank lady telling her that the card and their system is stupid, just like her..... *bloody hell*

Monday, January 11, 2010

Good flight!

ok... its already 10.30 here and i should be sleeping but just for the sake of not being called lazy in blogging and trying to comply with my resolution for this year, i am now sitting on my bed with my eyes partially shut with my teeth brushed and pillow all ready for me to doze off.... great...

ok... i had a flight with the egyptian instructor today and i'd say that i surprised him that i did quite well in almost everything and he was like :

Him :
-(during taxi)
Ignatius... this is whole lot better and you've improved alot..keep up that good work...  *continue doing his own things while i taxi*
-(during take-off)
Good job...
 -(when doing steep turns)
Excellent turns... you've got exactly what you should be doing and no height was lost!

-(when recovering from adv. stalls)
Good recovery technique!
-(in overall)
Ignatius, Great flight today.. Excellent lesson and you've fulfilled all we need for the lesson!! Keep up that good work!

Yeap... I'm one happy student pilot for today... however, still need to study more and keep my progress going... never let my guard down... for now, i'll let my eye lid shut... GOOD NIGHT MALAYSIA!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Week

am back from Brisbane!!!

well, i've returned from Brisbane more than a week ago but i didnt really have the time and mood to blog so my apology for leaving this space blank and unattended.. the trip itself was great and i am looking forward in visiting more places here in Australia and definitely in doing some shopping.. btw, i didnt spend much on shopping in Brisbane.. believe it or not, i only spent 90 AUD in total for the 2 days 1 night trip including accomodation there...

ok.. now back to what happened last week..

Monday 04/01/10
Did nothing much... returned to class and did nothing much other than lazing around and fool around study with my batchmates...

Tuesday 05/01/10
Was scheduled for flying at 0600 (its 6 AM!) with a new egyptian instructor and aircraft had some mechanical failure after doing some engine run up in the holding point thus having to taxi back to apron and change aircraft.. after that, flight was commenced as usual but struggled due to different way of teaching and instruction by him...

Wednesday 06/01/10
Was scheduled to fly again with my 2nd instructor and flight was great because i am used to his way of flying and in fact, it has became my way and style of flying.. had positive comments... Funny thing about the flight was that there was a dog in the runway when i was about to enter and i was put on hold at the holding point while 2 Jetstar's A320 had to do mis-approach and go-around and my friend's aircraft had to do orbit-ing in the air while ground staff had to chase the dog away... now you see how important it is for the runway to be cleared of animals (kangaroos included) as they will affect the landings and take-offs..

not this runway la..

this is the runway i meant... but the actual dog on the runway was not spotted by me.
Thursday 07/01/10
Again, scheduled to fly with 2nd instructor and improved a lot and had positive comments from him and most probably be able to go for my solo as soon as my student pilot licence and medical licence is sent back to school from Malaysia (stupid CASA sent the licences to Malaysia instead of the academy!)... Things were looking great that day..

Friday 08/01/10
flight being scheduled again on 1000 hour but with the new egyptian instructor.. Was very much intimidated by him whenever i have to fly with him... tried my best and do my best dispite the poor weather with crosswind and gusting up to 12 knots.. got scolded by him in flight and pushed him off the plane had to tolerate due to respect.. during the de-briefing session, he told me that i did quite well considering that was my first time flying in the crosswind and is up to standard according to the lesson.. Was rather unhappy but life goes on...

Saturday 09/01/10
Woke up at 1000 and watched tv for a little while then went out in the afternoon alone to get my bicycle... Bought it in Targets in Tweed Head and assembled it in the public.. cycled back and went cycling with Shalini in Currumbin... In the evening, went out with batchmates and 1st instructor to watch Sherlock Holmes and slept a 1 after that...

bike assembled.. 160AUD including a helmet

Sunday 10/01/10
Woke up at 1200 and watched TV... updating blog now while considering whether to go cycling or not...

need to clean up my table!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First in 2010

Woke up freaking early and now preparing to leave house for 2 days 1 night trip in Brisbane... Bye guys and girls... hopefully i don't spend too much today...


Friday, January 1, 2010

I am a shopaholic!

I just got back from Surfer's Paradise in Gold Coast with my batchmates and it was great.... comparing the trip i had today to the one last week during Christmas eve, today's trip was a blast... first we went to Pacific Fair somewhere near the Jupiter Casino to do some shopping... the mall was very much larger then the one we had here in Coolangatta and people there were so much sexier friendlier... I went a little crazy today as I was in some shopping spree from Pacific Fair to the Surfer's Paradise..

gateway to the beach... lots of half naked ozs!

Believe it or not, Cotton On was having some crazy great sales and the shoes, shirt and cap was on sale for only 10 Aussie dollar each and there were so much to choose from.. I first bought the shoes at 10 Aussie and after a few rounds walking in the shop, i got hooked on by the figures on the poster and went around flipping and trying on clothes... Well, i ended up getting those 3 items from that shop for on 30 Aus and trust me, the clothings and everything there is totally compatible to TopMan in Malaysia and way cheaper comparing to the ones in Malaysia... (do the multiplication with the conversion rate of Aus 1 dollar = RM 3.09)

this is freaking cheap!!

$10 dollars and bet that it is more than RM80 in topman!

read if you can... its a freaking must buy!!

takashi, if you're reading this...

anyway.... after a long day of crazy shopping, had dinner at some indian restaurant in SP and the food was awesome... its a good place to shop at day time... trust me... btw, i will be really heading to Brisbane tomorrow morning for 2 days and i have this random feeling that i will end up with more shopping bags at the end of my trip...

you have no idea how delighted i was when i saw this..



till next post...... BRISBANE, HERE I COME!!!

a new beginning

Happy New Year peeps!!

well, considering yesterday was the first new year's eve i've ever celebrated out of Malaysia, i will give it a 7 out of 10 (so that i have room for improvement in the future and not to sound so pushy)... anyway, my batchmates and seniors came over to my house here in GOLD COAST for dinner and we they were partially drunk even before the clock strikes 11... we had some random conversation at the beach while watching the fireworks and talked about our resolution for year 2010 and everything we said must not include flying and our academic stuff... things that were creatively resoluted was (from everyone!) :

1. Attend a top-less beach party with the opposite sex
2. Get numbers from OZ chicks
3. Date an OZ.
4. Get laid with OZ chicks (i didn't bring that up!! *cross my heart*)
5. Visit Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and good places in Aus (which i totally seconded!)
6. Get numbers from female pilots
7. Buy a good SLR camera to snap pictures of..... random stuff
8. Get more than X amount of chicks/dudes in FB

Now you can see how crazy creative my batch mates can be huh... Anyway, i would like to add a few more stuff into my to-do-list aka resolution for this year...

- stop using the F word
- not to shave my hair(head type!) again
- try Shisha (i donno how is it spelled la...!)
- control my temper
- keep my blog active
- learn to create my own templates for my blog

 Well, my 2009 wasn't really a bad year la... I've achieved quite a lot of stuff that i've never imagined i'd do/get such as being here in Australia to do my piloting course under AirAsia and not to forget, shaving bald.. All i want now is to make the best out of this newly started year and hopefully everything will be well and good.... btw, i've managed to post 126 posts in my blog in 2009 and that is more than double compared to the previous year... good improvements huh?!?!  btw, i am going to Brisbane in an hour!