Friday, January 29, 2010

2nd and better

ok... after i created the post this afternoon, i received a call from an australian number.. i picked up and he introduced himself as AH and i was like, HOLLY SHIT!!!

AH : Hello mate.. Is this Ignatius??
Me : Yes it is... May i know who is this?
AH : Hey Ignatius.. this is AH and are you in school?? We are going to fly now..
Me : *eyes widen and look at watch* No.. I am not in the school but if you want me to, I will be there in 5 minutes..
AH : ok... see you then..

I immediately went to the closet, grap my uniform (as i was already partially naked preparing to shower) and my tie and ran out of the house and cycled at 150knots to school.. As i was entering the entrance, i saw him sitting at the front desk smilling and booking the circuits with the tower for my flight... I have to get the aircraft checked and prepared in 20 minutes and expected to be airborne 10 minutes after that..

As you all already know, i AM a safe, responsible yet efficient pilot, i did everything i should do and got just in time to taxi my way to the run up bay before i got cleared for airborne... As not to get too technical about the flight, i'd just conclude that the lesson i had was the best i've ever had... I regained my confident on landing the aircraft and yet to maintain a good circuit pattern...  I have no idea how can i thank AH for his great advice and willingness to help me out when i really need that...

i'm now freaking tired after flying a total of 2.6 hours today and i will have to fly again tomorrow for the BIF (Basic Instrument Flying) in the noon.. wish me luck and night!!


Evann said...

Ohmygosh, you srsly have a passion for flying. Be there in 5 minutes? I would never! x(

Ign@tius said...

obviously i have the passion for flying.. haha... in fact, i dont mind travelling to school everyday just to fly.. the aircrafts are like my lover... i enter and exit them every now and then and i gain pleasure from doing it.. hahaha....

5 minutes is all i need to put on my uniform ma..