Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Credit Debit Cards

Well, as i am still a student, i am not being issued any credit by any banks nor having any credit cards being supplemented by my parents (unlike some ppl!)... I dont find having or even owning a credit card something marvelous nor huge as personally, i know i will be spending more as i have a larger limit and yes.... i am a shopaholic......

anyway, i have been issued with a Tune Card by Tune Money when i was applying for my CIMB AirAsia Savers account... Well, i was told by that malay lady in the bank that the card is good and yada yada yada crap as though people will bow down to me as soon as they see my card... so you see, after all the hassle of applying, my card came to my house in Malaysia 1 month ago and my mom just sent it to me via some courier along with some documents to Australia and now the card is with me... obviously just like any other financial cards, they will require the card holder to activate the card and all that stuff.. as i've seen in the letter, all i need to do is just to log on to http://www.tunemoney.com/ and i will be able to activate it..

it can't work at all!!

however, when i was logged onto that webpage, i couldn't sign in because according to the system, i've already had an account there and i can just log in... BUT when i try logging in with my e-mail address and the password, it was then stated that i dont have an account and i have to contact their customer service at a local Malaysian number.. btw, i've tried all the passwords i've ever had and there is no way for me to retrieve the password from them other than to call them...how stupid can the system be?!?!!!

now i am considering of abandoning that card and go back to Malaysia and scream at that bank lady telling her that the card and their system is stupid, just like her..... *bloody hell*

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