Saturday, January 23, 2010

the closure

ok... after the incident last night, i feel damn guilty to argue with my mom but i still insist that she's at wrong as she took my stuff without telling me!! You see, i am that kind of person that can get really really dramatic and upset over stuff easily but once my fire is burnt and gone, i will be ok and sometimes (like this incident) feel damn guilty for arguing with the opposition as i know that my temper can be quite hard to handle at times..

anyway, back to what i was saying... after calling my mom all the way in Malaysia for that argument, I felt damn guilty and bad as i think i over exagerated things slightly as it was only MY FAVOURITEST SHIRT THAT I BARELY WORE... so, i tried calling back to malaysia to just randomly talk to my mom but when my dad picked up the phone, i had that awkward feeling of donno what to say as you know, SORRY SEEMS IS THE HARDEST WORD... maybe God was at my side at then when i rang her as she was busy and the line got disconected due to bad coverage.. and you know me, i always listen to the God.. *wink*

so i didn't try calling my mom again till earlier today after i've completed my flight in the afternoon.. we had a kinda short conversation on skype and there was this part where i felt damn guilty

Mom : Boy, i saw the phone having 7 miss calls from you... Were there anything urgent??
Me    : Oh..... *long pause*...... No la... Just wanted to ask you something... but its nothing important now..
           just forget about it la...
Mom : *different tone* You sure??? What was it about??? (she sounded very curious)

*as you know, i was a debater and i can come out with something damn spontanenous*

Me    : No la.. I want to ask you about my Maybank stuff only... i know d now so its alright la...
Mom : Oh.... ok.....

so you see... i managed to trick her into it and make sure that everything was back to the usual before i had to go for lunch.. hehehe... *wink*

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