Monday, January 25, 2010

flight in progress

it has been a long long day for me today just like some other day where i have to fly and attend ground school the very same day.. The only different thing i had today was that i was assigned to fly with a new instructor who previously taught me in the ground school.. well, in order not to confuse you people, let me label my instructors according to their initials..

1st instructor   :  JM
2nd instructor  : AH
3rd instructor  : JS aka egyptian guy
4th instructor  : MP

so you see, i was previously told that every cadet will get at most 3 instructors in their training but because the school wants me to progress faster and to clear me off to the Training Area Solo, they are putting me with the 4th instructor for today's lesson which is the PFL (Practice Force Landing)... so, as usual, i prepared and studied up for my flight the night before the real thing and today, i did sort of ooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkayyyy for the flight.. however, MP has just got this very very rude and rough way of sending the message across to his student and he was literally forcing the control column (aka yoke) of the aircraft whenever i make some itsy bitcy mistake.. i am not saying that he's bad but can't he just be a little gentle to me (I DON MEAN IT LITERALLY!) when teaching me?? *sigh*

its not like i will do this! =.=

anyway, i take back all the bad things i said about JS and now i am going to put all the bad stuff i've said onto MP... am i complaining too much now??

ok... on a happier note, i am so flattered and honoured that i have a follower who reads my blog and also, ENJOYS reading it... thanks and i'll try to continue updating this page for you!


carpe diem said...

Halo, I hope that ( the pic with the plane nose in the snow) won't happen to us yeah? You are kinda scaring me.

Ign@tius said...

haha... obviously i won't do that... i am a SAFE pilot, remember??