Monday, January 11, 2010

Good flight!

ok... its already 10.30 here and i should be sleeping but just for the sake of not being called lazy in blogging and trying to comply with my resolution for this year, i am now sitting on my bed with my eyes partially shut with my teeth brushed and pillow all ready for me to doze off.... great...

ok... i had a flight with the egyptian instructor today and i'd say that i surprised him that i did quite well in almost everything and he was like :

Him :
-(during taxi)
Ignatius... this is whole lot better and you've improved alot..keep up that good work...  *continue doing his own things while i taxi*
-(during take-off)
Good job...
 -(when doing steep turns)
Excellent turns... you've got exactly what you should be doing and no height was lost!

-(when recovering from adv. stalls)
Good recovery technique!
-(in overall)
Ignatius, Great flight today.. Excellent lesson and you've fulfilled all we need for the lesson!! Keep up that good work!

Yeap... I'm one happy student pilot for today... however, still need to study more and keep my progress going... never let my guard down... for now, i'll let my eye lid shut... GOOD NIGHT MALAYSIA!


Travis.Z said...

wow, pilot! I has a friend who always dream to be a pilot but turned out taking other course + he wear specs(of course la), but i'm also shortsightedness and acrophobia :P, waste time to dream about it,hehe.

Mind me to rehearse again? Good job.

Ign@tius said...

thanks... hahaha....

well travis, wearing specs doesnt mean you can't be a pilot alright.. acrophobia... hmm... let me google that...

well, why give up your dream only because of these little stuff?