Tuesday, January 26, 2010

how to dis-hate?

*drum rolls*


hehehe... well, i was supposed to the navigation test yesterday but due to the computer being booked by other students for some other exam, it has been postponed till today and i managed to get all the 15 questions regarding navigations correctly.. hehe.. i am so happy... well, my next paper is most probably this thursday or friday and its AGK (Aircraft General Knowledge) and its about the engines and the systems of the aircraft.. i still have lots to study on and even more to learn and as usual, keeping up all my good work...

anyway, after my class today at 4, myself and my roomie went out to grab some groceriesat the town for the house (its my first time going out with my roomie btw)... after we reach the grocery store, we were joined by another batchmate of mine who actually dislike my roommie.. I was left there being stuck in the middle as both of them didnt want to talk to one another and it was just the typical awkward silence when 2 enemies sit right opposite one another on a table (you get what i mean)...

i tried so hard trying to bring up some random yet general topic so both of them can just talk but trust me, when i mentioned or try to discuss something, it will only end up being a topic between me and either one of them... the worst part was both of them almost argue on which biscuits is better as my roommie was arguing for the value for money while the other person was saying that quality food should be consumed... I was then again and worst of all having to make the tough yet non bias decision while i didn't want to offend any one of them.. after a while of thinking for like 5 seconds with another awkward silence, i then took both the biscuits and put it into the trolley... *i know i am smart*

if you were me and you're put in my shoes being in that situation with such decision to make, what will you do and how do you break the super duper huge ice??

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