Saturday, January 30, 2010


(amount of fun gained when you should be studying)  x  (2 times of hardwork needed to put in) + (even more effort to study) = crossing fingers of good lesson the next day

*this is the price you'll have to pay for not studying and going out to have fun!!*

My flight was cancelled this morning due to some super duper ultra strong random wind from God knows where... Anyway, my friend just randomly suggested to go to the Movie World by Warner's Brother here in Gold Coast and within 30 minutes after i woke up, i got my ass prepared and dress up...

As yours trully is always a good cadet, i make a call to my flying instructor today (JM) to re-confirm of the cancellation of the flight then to ask him what should i prepare on for the lesson the next day(which is actually tomorrow on Sun)... I was then told to just maybe drop by in the school today IF i want to just to collect some notes... As i AM a good student, i ride my bike to school right after i got myself prepared and dress up before i depart to Movie World..

Anyway, i had loads of fun in Movie world.. first we went to the Scooby Doo coaster ride.. it was some indoor small coaster ride but its rather fun as the designer of the game really added lots of creativity in it... Then we went to the outdoor coaster called Lethal Weapon where it was a 'floor-less' kind of roller coaster ride where the seats were connected from the top to the rail instead from the bottom.. the ride was short but so much better than the Cock Cork Screw we have in Genting... after that we stop for a little lunch before we proceed to watch the 4D Shrek.. its kinda cool as its quite real and there were water squirting into your face and moving chair and smoke...

After some kiddy type of fun, we went for the Superman ride where there were 4.2 positive G-force and some negative G-forces... call me silly but thats the thrill-est ride i've got so far as i've never visited any Disney land or theme parks other than Genting UNLIKE YOU LUCKY RICH PEOPLE!!

picture courtesy of Google... btw, the red colour rail is the red-underwear-man-ride

anyway, after that crazy wacky guy-with-red-underwear-outside ride, we went to visit the Kelawar Man (Batman) ride... its something like the Solero Shot in Genting but instead of shooting (pardon the pun) from above, its from the ground up... the 2nd bat ride was some simulated flying ride inside a room.. that basically sum up the rides i had today in Movie World...

I am looking forward in visiting that place again anytime soon as well as the rest of the theme parks here within 6 months as i got the 6 months VIP pass which allows me to visit all the theme parks as many times as i want to... If you are to drop by Gold Coast and decided to go to the theme parks, do let me know and i will just be there to have some great fun with you!!

for now, pictures are still not available due to stupid-memory-card-not-working reason... forgive me but that is not what i want also ok!!!

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