Thursday, January 21, 2010

need...... cafffffffeeeeinnnnne....

i am an addict of


well... i was never that much a fan of coffee till i came over here to australia.. its not that i dislike coffee but i was just having this neutral affection towards it and its not like i can die without it but its a different story now.. You see, in my academy, we're provided with coffee and fresh milk everyday and its just left there in the cafeteria and its a self service policy.. as a chinese malaysian, i just drink as much as possible help myself with the coffee and on one fine day, a friend of mine made me this coffee with milk... although its just some cheapo coffee powder with random milk, it tasted like starbucks and trust me, i was craving for more even after finishing a cup of it... since then, its like a must for me to get a least a cup of that coffee in school everyday during the break..

as the same old daily routine today, i took a mug, get the coffee, some sugar and mix them in the hot water.. however when i opened the fridge, i had a heart attack knowing that there were no more milk and i was left with only black coffee with water... it was one painful decision to just continue with what i have and not to drink coffee with milk... due to that, i am now *sniff* feeling damn awkward without it.. me need coffee with milk!!!!

any one out there who's a coffee addict??? you'll know how i feel now... it feels as though u're lacking something in life and feels damn uncomfortable.. argghh!!!

see the difference??? with and without milk?


Anonymous said...

I'm an expert who can drink up to 3 cups a day and still managed to sleep like a pig.

Tongkat Ali 3In1 is good!! ^^

Ign@tius said...

haha.. i can drink as many as possible (with milk of course!)...

i dont need tongkat ali though.. hahahahaha..