Friday, January 1, 2010

a new beginning

Happy New Year peeps!!

well, considering yesterday was the first new year's eve i've ever celebrated out of Malaysia, i will give it a 7 out of 10 (so that i have room for improvement in the future and not to sound so pushy)... anyway, my batchmates and seniors came over to my house here in GOLD COAST for dinner and we they were partially drunk even before the clock strikes 11... we had some random conversation at the beach while watching the fireworks and talked about our resolution for year 2010 and everything we said must not include flying and our academic stuff... things that were creatively resoluted was (from everyone!) :

1. Attend a top-less beach party with the opposite sex
2. Get numbers from OZ chicks
3. Date an OZ.
4. Get laid with OZ chicks (i didn't bring that up!! *cross my heart*)
5. Visit Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and good places in Aus (which i totally seconded!)
6. Get numbers from female pilots
7. Buy a good SLR camera to snap pictures of..... random stuff
8. Get more than X amount of chicks/dudes in FB

Now you can see how crazy creative my batch mates can be huh... Anyway, i would like to add a few more stuff into my to-do-list aka resolution for this year...

- stop using the F word
- not to shave my hair(head type!) again
- try Shisha (i donno how is it spelled la...!)
- control my temper
- keep my blog active
- learn to create my own templates for my blog

 Well, my 2009 wasn't really a bad year la... I've achieved quite a lot of stuff that i've never imagined i'd do/get such as being here in Australia to do my piloting course under AirAsia and not to forget, shaving bald.. All i want now is to make the best out of this newly started year and hopefully everything will be well and good.... btw, i've managed to post 126 posts in my blog in 2009 and that is more than double compared to the previous year... good improvements huh?!?!  btw, i am going to Brisbane in an hour!

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