Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Week

am back from Brisbane!!!

well, i've returned from Brisbane more than a week ago but i didnt really have the time and mood to blog so my apology for leaving this space blank and unattended.. the trip itself was great and i am looking forward in visiting more places here in Australia and definitely in doing some shopping.. btw, i didnt spend much on shopping in Brisbane.. believe it or not, i only spent 90 AUD in total for the 2 days 1 night trip including accomodation there...

ok.. now back to what happened last week..

Monday 04/01/10
Did nothing much... returned to class and did nothing much other than lazing around and fool around study with my batchmates...

Tuesday 05/01/10
Was scheduled for flying at 0600 (its 6 AM!) with a new egyptian instructor and aircraft had some mechanical failure after doing some engine run up in the holding point thus having to taxi back to apron and change aircraft.. after that, flight was commenced as usual but struggled due to different way of teaching and instruction by him...

Wednesday 06/01/10
Was scheduled to fly again with my 2nd instructor and flight was great because i am used to his way of flying and in fact, it has became my way and style of flying.. had positive comments... Funny thing about the flight was that there was a dog in the runway when i was about to enter and i was put on hold at the holding point while 2 Jetstar's A320 had to do mis-approach and go-around and my friend's aircraft had to do orbit-ing in the air while ground staff had to chase the dog away... now you see how important it is for the runway to be cleared of animals (kangaroos included) as they will affect the landings and take-offs..

not this runway la..

this is the runway i meant... but the actual dog on the runway was not spotted by me.
Thursday 07/01/10
Again, scheduled to fly with 2nd instructor and improved a lot and had positive comments from him and most probably be able to go for my solo as soon as my student pilot licence and medical licence is sent back to school from Malaysia (stupid CASA sent the licences to Malaysia instead of the academy!)... Things were looking great that day..

Friday 08/01/10
flight being scheduled again on 1000 hour but with the new egyptian instructor.. Was very much intimidated by him whenever i have to fly with him... tried my best and do my best dispite the poor weather with crosswind and gusting up to 12 knots.. got scolded by him in flight and pushed him off the plane had to tolerate due to respect.. during the de-briefing session, he told me that i did quite well considering that was my first time flying in the crosswind and is up to standard according to the lesson.. Was rather unhappy but life goes on...

Saturday 09/01/10
Woke up at 1000 and watched tv for a little while then went out in the afternoon alone to get my bicycle... Bought it in Targets in Tweed Head and assembled it in the public.. cycled back and went cycling with Shalini in Currumbin... In the evening, went out with batchmates and 1st instructor to watch Sherlock Holmes and slept a 1 after that...

bike assembled.. 160AUD including a helmet

Sunday 10/01/10
Woke up at 1200 and watched TV... updating blog now while considering whether to go cycling or not...

need to clean up my table!!!

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