Monday, January 18, 2010

Put your hands up!

i've completed my PPL Meteorology Pre-test today and guess how much i score???? 

*put your hands up*

anyway, i am scheduled to go for my 3rd and final circuit solo flight before i am assigned to go for my solo training area flight... i will have to clock in another 0.8 hours (48 mins) of circuit around the Gold Coast airport... Circuit is basically a pattern of flying done by an aircraft (in a rectangular form) around the airport with a touch-and-go with every landing... i bet that it will be a tiring flight tomorrow..

oh ya... today was not actually the best day i've had but surprisingly, i am not that furious of what happened..

1. Dropped a small box of blue berries after paying right in front of the counter with everyone staring at me.. However, the kind cashier and a young man helped me cleaned it up and i was given a new box of blueberry for free..

2. Fell off the bicycle when i was trying to come out from it while a middle aged lady was next to me.. She didn't laugh at me though instead telling me that its normal for people here in OZ to fall of their bikes and maybe it happened to me today due to the super extreme hot weather (35*C)

3. When cycling back after buying all the stuff, a plastic bag broke and my friend's apple juice was in it..

4. (This is the funny one)... I went to the atm machine to draw money.. After viewing how much i have in balance, i decided to draw 130 aud to just round out the figure.. however, when the money came out, i THOUGHT that the machine only gave me 90 bucks as there was only 1 piece of 50 dollars and 4 pieces of red colour notes... as a malaysian, i thought that the red colour notes was 10 dollars so i had a shocked of my life and was about to stomp into the bank to question them.. however, after a short while of recounting the money and calling my friend to ask for help, i only saw the printing on the notes as 20 dollars... you see... silly right?!?!?!  LOL

see the similarity?! if you don't, you're colour blind!!!

ok... i am going off to bed now... flying in the morning.. pray for good weather and good flight with the egyptian instructor so that he will clear me for my 3rd solo...

anyway, may the 6 souls of the clhs-ian rest in peace from the dragon boat incident in Penang.

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