Wednesday, January 20, 2010

safe pilot

*say that with me*

was having a horrible headache this afternoon after lunch and guess what, i was put on standby while waiting for the wind to settle down before i go out to complete my 3rd solo.. a part of me wants to complete that solo but another part of me wants to just go home and sleep and take a panadol due to the bloody pain i am getting from it.. however, as an ETHICAL and RESPONSIBLE PILOT (yes, thats me!), i decided to just wait and let the pain get over with instead of running to my closet to grab 2 panadols.. *bangga*

anyway, at 3, my instructor decided to send me home to wait for his call if the condition gets better instead of having me to wait in the school while doing nothing.. as soon as i reach home, i got my shirt and uniform removed and jumped onto the bed and sleep (with a little bit of fb-ing before that) and have my phone and everything ready to go just in case that i do receive a call from him... after a long short nap to re-energise myself and to get rid of the bloody headache, i woke up at 4 to just check the weather forecast to see that the wind is still as strong and definitely i wont be flying...*yeehaaaa*

after that went to Aldi to buy stuff again for my friend and the house but thankfully, i didnt fall off the bike nor nothing broke.. *big grin*

ok.. dinner time...


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