Wednesday, January 27, 2010

weather needs to be improved just like me..

the weather condition in Gold Coast currently is at its worst and its the worst i've ever seen in my life as well.. the trees were all blown to the extend that its about to break and the traffic light was shaking and oscilatting as though its being bent over by a bulldozer.. its just so sudden that the weather changed from a clear blue sky to a dark windy and gusty weather with the wind blowing and the thunderstorm striking here and there... it is as though its dooms day and places are to be flooded and buildings tumbled...

I went for my Training area solo check earlier this afternoon and overall, i did faily poor compared to my previous lessons... I noticed that my confident level has been brought down by MP and i no longer have the guts and courage to land the aircraft in the mere 10 knots of crosswind as i was able to do it in 15kts of crosswind with AH... I was not able to deliver the maneourve as good as what i did in the previous lesson and even AH who was flying with me today questioned me on what happened and why am i not performing as well as what i did with him.. After a long flight of 1.7 hours and de-briefing of 25 minutes, he informed me that i am safe for my training area solo tomorrow but i've got to improved myself and to be as good as how i was last week.. I've got tonnes and tonnes of materials and maps to get familiarise with before i go for the flight tomorrow as i will have to brief another instructor, JF prior to the flight..

mind you, i will be going for a solo tomorrow and there will be no instructor or anyone to save my ass if i am to get into trouble.. I am being put in responsible of what i do and i can do not more than the mistakes i did today... pray hard for me that i do well tomorrow and regain my confident...

God bless my flight and myself!

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