Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I miss Malaysia very much and even more for my friends and family members... It has been almost 2 months since i've stepped foot on that very land where i was born and grew up in..

My flight today got cancelled due to bad weather with a very strong crosswind of 10kts which would actually topple my aircraft if there is a sudden gust or increase a wind speed during my take off or landings.. Due to that, I am rescheduled to fly again tomorrow in the afternoon with the same instructor i had for my 1st and 2nd solo flight..

As we were doing nothing in class, my ground school instructor decided to gather my whole batch to start off the Navigation subject for the PPL course and things were kinda ok but there're lots of technical stuff... basically, navigation is all about navigating (self explained) from a place to another and in our case, an aerodrome to another aerodrome without a GPS or any tracking device.. all we have is just maps, pens, ruler, eyes and a CR2 Computer... mind you, the computer i mentioned is not exactly the one u're having in mind as its basically just a complex protractor with the ability to compute various stuff when we turn it correctly to its point...

you see... its just a device made of complicated compasses with the ability to turn..


AmeZac said...

cool stuff.. where u got it.. :P

Ign@tius said...

don't u use that?? i thought its the same... maybe u guys use the one with a board behind instead of this..