Sunday, February 28, 2010

being a chinese

a tsunami was expected to hit my place earlier this morning due to the earthquake that struck Chile yesterday, but i was happily sleeping through the morning till my friend called telling me to be careful.. anyway, i did prepare myself by packing my pasport, flying licences, wallet and a set of clothing into my bag just in case that i really need to evacuate... the bag is still next to me now and left untouched... maybe i will only unpack it tomorrow morning...


Am i very chinesey??? well, i don't mean it in an insulting manner, but am i very chinesey like some cina apek?? some of my friends told me that i am as i listen to lots of chinese songs (like what i am doing now as i blog) and think like one... i donno.... how is it for one to behave like a cina apek??

1. eat rice with chopstick ?
2. don take beef ? (i know this is more to a religion)
3. have rice everyday ?
4. saying the word  'CHOI' ?
5. must have vegetable in a meal ?
6. saying 'hello' instead of 'whats up' ?
7. listening to CNY songs ?
8. taking picture with the kawaii sign ?

i donno la... i consider myself the less chinesey one to my friends back in college as i prefer speaking english to mandarin and i have big eyes for someone who is a chinese.. anyway, i am still proud to be a chinese!!

btw, Happy Chap Goh Meh!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I'VE PASSED MY GFPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, i doubt that you know what it signifies unless you're in the aviation industry... hahaha... well, GFPT = General Flight Proficiency (or Progress) Test.. It allows the pilot to carry a passenger as the sole Pilot in Command for my endorsed aircraft... wohooooo!!!!

well, the pilot will be awarded with a wing once he/she has passed it... i will be getting mine on Monday as there are some documentations that i've got to do with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia...

something like this... but this is not the one...


Thursday, February 25, 2010

PPL presentation ceremony

no blog updates for today due to my GFPT flight tomorrow and i am damn nervous yet excited... had award presentation ceremony in school this afternoon and thats all...
picture is ugly because of stupid camera... SERIOUSLY!!!!

everyone's picture was just pure horrible.. even the instructor looks 10 years older than what he is... btw, i know i turned charcoal..

see the difference in the camera quality and lighting???

btw, do pray for my GFPT tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i've always wanted to visit these few places since forever...


Yea, call this weird, but as a Malaysian, i've only managed to visit Singapore 2 days before i departed from Malaysia to Australia for my studies... well, it was a very sudden last minute kinda trip there as Kelvin and my manager (at then) wanted to go Singapore to do some business stuff.. as my manager quite sayang me, she undercoverly allow me to follow them to sg as i am not there for work... It was a day trip where we departed from KL in the morning for JB and only enter Singapore in the early evening before we leave the country back to KL at 12 midnight... although it was a very short and tiring trip, i'm kinda looking forward in returning there for a good holiday someday after i finish my studies here...


Its yet another neighbour to my home country, but i've yet to visit that place till today... I've heard so much about the country itself (not akua) and its night life and shopping, but not yet to get the chance to experience it... I was told that things there are freaking cheap and the tomyum are to die for... I am currently planning a trip there on Songkran in 2011.. I've currently got my God-bro who would like to tag along... anyone else??


well, i've been there once with my parents in 2006 as my dad has got some business stuff to do there... We were at Taichung for 4 days before moving to Taipei for 1 night... I had my first experience eating the Stinky toufu there and trust me, i was so in love with it after that... The only problem i have in that country is communication... although i am a pure chinese and hokkian, i had a hard time trying to understand what they were speaking as both the mandarin and hokkian sounded so different from the one i use to speak back in Penang... and worst of all, their command of english is not as good and i basically had my mom to translate the taiwanese whenever i need to speak with them..

The capital of Japan (i think) is another one placce that i've always foreverly wanted to go... I've heard so much about that place from everyone and it sounded fun.. I donno.... the high-tech people there and their stress sounds cool to me, as a tourist... I've heard that they have all these wacky random celebration for God knows what reason... anyway, i do think that Japanese are freaking cute.. fair and with their -.- eyes... woots!!!

Yea... although i am here in the country itself, but again, i've yet to visit Sydney... personally (although i've not been there) i think that Sydney is the best city in Australia as its like the most happening place and so much better than Gold Coast... I am currently planning my trip there during the Easter Holiday this year.. Nothing has been done yet, but Iggy's Sydney Fund has been set up for it... Anyone in sydney wants to accomodate me???

btw, i've yet to see a kangaroo nor koala bear...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

when you have nothing

What happen if you are in a fine dining with your girlfriend on your 1st year anniversary and you don't have enough money to pay for the food after eating?? or maybe even before the food was served but you've placed your order??

well, i kinda had that encounter less than an hour ago, but it wasn't with my girlfriend or anyone and definitely not in a fine dining restaurant... Well, it happened when i went to some supermarket to just get my grocery but to find out that i left my wallet at home... you see, i will usually go cycling every evening and at the same time, to buy random stuff for my house... as i was at the aisle after taking cheddar cheese for my friend's cooking, i only recalled that i left my wallet with my uniform... thank God that i was still walking around the place and was about to pay and not only to find out that i didnt bring my wallet at the counter... haha...

anyway, back to the question, what will you do if you are stuck in the situation mentioned above?? personally, if i've finished the meal and was about to call for the bill/ or had already got the bill in my hand to pay to only find out that i don't have enough money, i'd just tell the bill guy that i want to add on and get some more desert... while after he left, i'd just walk to the toilet and call for my friend to bring me some cash or whatever it is... no way that i will let my gf know as its totally embarassing... haha... well, if i am to find out that i dont have enough money for the dinner before i place my order, i'll just tell my girl that my friend just texted me telling me that the restaurant has got horrible food and he/she was food poisoned the previous night...

what about you?

Monday, February 22, 2010


i just finished watching russell peter and yea, i am laughing my ass off it... hahaha.... if you do have time, go youtube it off the net and you will really want for more.... i might be a little slow at it, but yea, i just started watching him...

anyway, today is just another not-so-significant-day here in australia... My group today is scheduled to fly but not for me and one of my friend as we are both waiting for the GFPT instructor to come back for the test... so, we are not actually needed to be in school today as we have nothing much to do... however, as i am a good student, i'd still show up there and just tunjuk muka to whoever instructor to just let him/her know that i am there instead of being lazy at home....

as a few of us were just in class doing nothing, we had some random discussion about how we cheated in the exam during the secondary school... well, most of us didnt really cheat for the marks or for being kiasu, but the cheating was conducted for the sake of cheating and the fun of it... well, most of us got really creative on how to cheat and not letting the invigilator found out... hahaha... i am not going to reveal how i did it as there might just be some kiddo in his/her school life reading my blog... but yea, cheating is not evil... its just fun!

this is how you rich kid do it right?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

same boring sunday

its a sunday and again, i woke up at 9... this time its not myself to be blamed for that but my friend... well, i was still soundly asleep at then when i have my phone buzzing and vibrating next to my pillow... as i thought that its some phone call from the school telling me that i've got a last minute flight or i should be in school for something, i picked up without looking at the display and to find out that it was one of my friend asking me to go to her place for breakfast as she's just made french toast and carrot cake....

as she was so nice to call me over at 9 IN THE MORNING for breakfast, i said ok and immediately got my towel and shower then to cycle to her house to makan with her and her housemate... well, it was worth the random waking up in the morning as the toast she made was kinda good and somewhere close to the one my mom makes... ahhaa...

as a return, i made her tong yuen, aka glutinous rice ball in sugar syrup with ginger as she has got that in her mind since i made it for her the last time during my birthday...

so.... my weekend.... i did nothing productive for the day... stayed and took a short nap at her house, chat with some friends to kill time..... as i've always said, weekend in gold coast for me is not exactly fun and not like what everyone thinks it is...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tian Kong Yeh


its a saturday without flight nor class and i woke up at 9am for God knows what reason... sigh... I was hoping that i can at least sleep half the way through the only start planning what to do the next half of the day as i'm just pure bored and lazy to do anything...

anyway, my friend just reminded me just now that today is the 8th day of the Chinese New Year and well, for hokkian, they will be doing some offering and praying stuff to the Goddess of the Sky (Tian1 Kong1) for some i donno what reason.. hahah.. but as a hokkian from Penang, the offering is sort of like a big thing where both my grandma would buy and prepare and cook lots of goodie for it and sugar canes will be tied to an elevated table for the praying... When I was young, i'd be running around and play with fire crackers (the safer one) while the older generation would just sit and gather outside the house while gossiping again (typical chinese!).... at 12 mid night, lots of folded paper thingy would be put outside the house to a small hill looking kinda thing to be burnt while a huge incest with decoration of dragon would be lighted up... well, i'm not religious or anything, but i think that its more to a tradition to me... although I am a free thinker, but yea, its fun to have everyone back at home for that....


Friday, February 19, 2010

tiring good day

i am cow tired now after finishing my flight at 6pm and coming back home having to cook for the house...

started my day by waking up 10 minutes after 6am when my alarm clock came on by snoozing it for twice.. after being lazy for that duration, went to grab my clothings and went shower then prepare myself for school at 7... well, most flights were delayed in the morning due to poor weather but i was managed to back seat my friend's flight for instruments flying at quarter past 7... it was still quite cloudy and windy, but yea, it was kind of a great flight as he managed to bring me back here safely after being in the training area for 1.5 hours... the view was so breathing taking as we encountered several rainbows all over the place... i managed to take quite a number of picture but again, too bad that something is wrong with my lappy that is stopping me from sharing it...

anyway.... my flight was scheduled to depart at 1, but got delayed to quarter to 4 due to poor weather... however, i managed to get things prepared and fly for the GFPT pre-flight test and pass it... *happy*

my real GFPT flight will be this coming monday, and i am dead tired now.. will blog again tomorrow....

anyway, just for you guys to have a good laugh, enjoy!

well, not me...

and I am a pilot.... *wink*

Thursday, February 18, 2010

smelling good!

me love fashion!!

well, as some of my readers would know, i am a big fan of certain fashion designers although they're not highly priced like luis vitton and succi kinda stuff... I was kinda a loyal customer for Padini and friends back in Malaysia as its kinda casual and priced ok... the only problem with them is that their clothings are widely available throughout the nation and one can easily bump into someone in the shopping mall having the same shirt on and trust me, that sucks to the max... I've currently converted the padini i've got into my house shirt here in Aussie as they're kinda old... However, i am still kinda like Seed as they're sort of my type... I brought 2 Seed shirt and a pair of its jeans here to australia and yea, i do wear them when i go out for a walk or stuff like that...

anyway, i love perfumes too... I love those with the sweet citrus scent (and now you know what you should get for me during my birthday!)...... recently, i just bought a bottle of Dunhill Pure perfume when i went out with my 2 girls... we were just walking around a mall supposing to buy groceries but ended up in a perfume shop trying on perfume.... I've tried Versace perfume sometime back in Malaysia but i didnt get it as i was expecting my sis to get it for me but she didnt... anyway, as we were there the other day, i went around searching for it but only was told that they went out of it... As i was so desperate for a bottle of perfume (although i have already got 2 with me now), i ended up buying the Dunhill one... wohoo!!

well, i didnt really need it, but i just like it... hahaha... i'm currently having 3 bottles of perfume with me in Australia...

1st perfume I've ever got for myself... Its John Player Special for unisex, and they've already stop the production of it... I love it...

2nd perfume, a DKNY present from a friend... well, its kinda nice and its good..

3rd perfume, Dunhill which i've got for myself out of randomness...

back in Malaysia, i still have
a present from my someone..
a present from my sis

another one randomly from friend for God knows what reason... well, i only use it for my sporty event...
*i'd not recommend you to buy this*


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

fun talk

Guess what happened when 10 guys in their early 20s sit together in a closed room with 1 girl....


well, as all of us were in the class doing nothing with no instructors to check on us discuss flying with us, we ended up sitting down and talking about the great time we had in school... we started by saying how much we hated each other's school and end up sharing how we made fun of our teachers in class and how we defeat the discipline teachers... haha.... well, we're all good students but as usual, most of us only wanted to have some fun and got a little lazy once in awhile to do our homework but ending up with good grades in school which ultimately shut the bloody annoying teachers out.... funny things that happened to me when i was in my school was

1. Ponteng class at 12pm with a friend of mine to go canteen and buy fried chicken to eat... we ended up being caught by the discipline teacher but we got away by saying that we were looking for a teacher in the canteen..

2. Whole class boycotted the mandarin classs teacher by not attending it and with her running around the school to look for us... it happened in my primary school where myself and most of my friends were forced by our parents for the Bahasa Ibunda class after school... it was funny looking at her being so bengang walking around the empty school..

3. Being panic because most of us were having our mobile phones while the idiotic doggy prefects were conducting random spot checks on the next class.. you have no idea how creative we were on where and how to hide our mobile phones....

4. Bathing with in the ladies toilet after school...

5. this is classic Skipping class by giving excuses of librarian duty and ended up doing nothing in the library while stopping other students from entering the library for the fun of it...

6. Making up fake wounds with red ink and whatever we had in the Red Crescent room and telling the teacher that i was injured by a door someone slammed onto my face.... trust me, the teacher so fell for it... hahaha... maybe he was just pure stupid and we're pure genius!


i really miss school... you know.. where you get to do wacky and crazy stuff while trying not to get caught... we know that its wrong but yea, some RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN to just create some good memory for the future...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hair cut

its Tuesday and its Pizza day....      =.=   yaaay................ *not excited at all*

anyway, i just came back from my friend's house after lending him a helping hand (and scissors) to crop his hair as we've got rumours saying that one of the AirAsia captain will be coming in any time soon to check on us (yea... we have people coming in to check on us... sucky right?)

so, i borrowed the shaving mechanism thingy from another friend of mine from my house and went over to his place being so happily excited that i'm gonna try to cut design someone's hair for the first time.. mind you, i am not going to shave him bald but to do his hair nicely just like what those hair stylist always do to you people, minus the charge of course.... as he said it'll be fine and he'd be more than happy to just crop the side of the hair by himself, me and another friend of mine just stood there watching him and then when he's done, i was given the honour to do the rest of his hair... well, it was kinda good considering that it was my first time doing it... as i've done my part, my client wanted the shaving thing to just tidy up the side and so he took it, and *zzzzznnnggg* it goes on the side of his hair... one thing he didnt notice was that the machine was at its finest blade which means that it will just go straight cutting everything on his way and walla, there goes his side of his hair... i was then having to do the rest of the job to re-do everything and end up, he's one good looking man with short hair without having to pay at all...


so, anyone wants a hair-cut?? i only do the gentlemen's as i am still uncertain of how to do the ladies... i don't charge you anything*

*terms and condition applies and it is advisable to buy your own insurance for your hair before consulting me as no complaints will be entertained and there will be no re-fund.

Monday, February 15, 2010

good bad weather

i basically did nothing for the whole day... woke up at 8 thinking that it is saturday and got a shock of my life after a while of being lazy on the bed.... went to shower, have breakfast and put on my uniform before cycling biking to school..

was scheduled to fly for my Pre-GFPT with AH at 1130 but had a last minute change of plan as CW wanted to take me instead (i wonder if i've became his favourite student).... well, i was not mentally prepared for the flight actually as it came way too sudden and i was not in the test mode due to the CNY and celebration thingy that was SUPPOSED to be going on now... anyhow, like it or not, i still had to go for the flight and make myself prepared for the flight and as usual, the last minute kinda thing came in and i was forced to cramp in as much info and as much things as possible into my overloaded brain with limited memory...

as my flight was slightly delayed due to my friend's flight who was 2 hours before me being delayed, i only entered the aircraft at 1230 to do my pre-flight checks and everything... as i was listening out at the radio to obtain the ATIS (Aerodrome Terminal Information System), i saw CW standing at the hangar, watching out into the sky and walking towards JM who has just returned from a flight... awhile later, CW walked towards the aircraft and he was like...

CW : well.... the weather is not looking very good here at the aerodrome... Crosswind of 17knots and seems to be picking up more...
ME : yea.... i've just checked on the ATIS as well.. 360/20 gusting max 17knots crosswind...
CW : yea buddy.... it'll be worst later.... have you got your clearance and everything???
ME : nope... i'm going to now.... well................ (long pause)
CW: buddy.... we can go for our flight now but we won't be able to do our circuits here and we will have to re-do the flight and waste ur time if we do that...
ME : *happily smiling* well...... its ok CW, i'll chain the aircraft up and do the shut down... no worries....
CW: ok.... thanks buddy.... sorry and see you inside....

there, i was one happy cadet didnt have to fly as i was not well prepared and the lady weather heard my prayers... hahahahaha.... I LOVE THE WEATHER for now

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day

ok... its chinese new year and i dont get to celebrate it this year as i am far far away from home... well, i didnt get to celebrate valentine's day too btw as i don have any here...

anyway, talking about valentine's day, its one of the most special day a couple can have in a year, disregarding their anniversary and stuff like that... although i do agree that Valentine's day is over rated and way too commercialised for business and monetary purposes, i do celebrate it with my lover (or ex)... these were the things i've done on valentine's day..

1. (first time celebrating valentine's day in year 2007)
Bought 2 bouquets of chupa-chups lollilop that resembles flower, and made 19 teddy bear made from hairbands, and a set of chocolate with monokuru pig and going all the way to her house for her by surprise... the highlight was that i designed and made a metal pendant for her by using my dad's machine.... it was a round pendant with designs on it...

2. 2008
Booked a table for 2 in a fine dining restaurant in Bukit Bintang and buying her a teddy bear after the dinner... (i know its a little bit simpler but mind you, i was still a student and i did all those with my pocket money!)

3. 2009
Went to Genting Highlands with her to celebrate Valentine's day... we stayed over for 1 night in the hotel there... As we wanted to try out something new, we tried making dinner in the room itself but ended burning the fuses of the room and having the maintenance guy coming over to fix it in our room.. we ended up eating instant noodle with salad using the hot water.. although it was nothing fancy, it was a very memorable one as it was all good fun..

yea... thats all the valentine's date i've had so far... i don't have anything to add this year as i'm all alone here.... BUT!!!

i am a lucky guy because i managed to find and have you! I LOVE YOU


Saturday, February 13, 2010

a dinner to have!

i almost had the worst Chinese New Year's eve dinner anyone can have in their life... I was almost forced into having instant noodle as the last meal for the year of Cow...

well, as i am far away from my family members and unable to join the annual reunion dinner, my friend and myself here in Australia INITIALLY planned to have a pot-luck dinner with all of us here to at least make up for whatever that we can't have... however, in the early evening, my friends here smartly get themselves burgers and fish & chips from the nearby shop and then refuses to have anymore dinner and i ended up having to go out to Subway to just grab sandwich which is a better option than to have instant noodle..

after going out and tapao-ing the sandwich and returning to my place, my friend and myself walked past our senior's house and just decided to pop in to say hi... as we entered the house, we were all greeted by them wearing red saying GONG HEI FATT CHOI.... those words instantly brought backt he warmth that i've been yearning for to get for this festive season... we were then invited to join them for the LOU SANG (tossing & mixing of salad which symbolises unity and prosperity) and dinner... seriously, those were the best feeling i've ever had here in australia and those were the petty things that really touch my heart...

although it was nothing fancy like prawns and fishes (i miss fish!), we had 2 chickens and some vegetables and we really treated one another like a family members from different background and race... this is what i really called 1Malaysia where everyone really just sit together and celebrate whatever season it is...
i am unable to have all these...



Friday, February 12, 2010


ok... i was not lazy yesterday to update my blog but i was just busy...

anyway, i went over to my friend's place to stay over with 2 other of my batchmates as we were invited over for dinner and the host (2 girls) suggested that it'll be quite late and dangerous for us to go back to our house after that.. dinner was great as my favourite dish, potato salad was made... haha...

i'm getting my day off from Friday (today) till the end of the weekend as i've completed all the flying and test for my batch... however, as i have nothing much to do at home, i still went to the school because i am a good cadet... muahahahaha... i clocked 2 hours or so for today as i return home again after that at 11.30...

nothing much happened la... its just a long day with nothing much to do other than to prepare for my GFPT pre-test on the early next week... its only Friday and i'm already bored... any suggestion?? i am planning to go brisbane for this weekend for a clubing session as well to usher the year of tiger... although this is a little earlier,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

newspaper-ed again

i was told that i re-appeared in the newspaper on 1st of Jan this year.. wao.... the newspaper seems to be using a picture from last year where i was there for the ushering of year 2009... i was basically smacked right in the middle of the picture with mouth opened wide... great...

if you cant spot me, you're blind!!


i officially finished my PPL course!!!! wohoo!!! i am freaking excited and happy now... hahaa..... lets have party... you know what, its really like a big present for myself to usher the year of tiger although i am not in Malaysia with my family members... the least i know is that i've made it through so far and i am really living my dream now!! I AM BECOMING A PILOT!!!

i scored 91% for my final PPL paper which consist of everything about what i've learnt so far... although its not 100%, i am still quite satisfied as i only made 2 mistakes in 62 questions... and.... 1 of the wrong answer i got was due to a wrong instruction given by JS who told us to use a wrong performance chart to calculate... so, i consider myself to be correct for that and yeap, i am one happy Private Pilot now..!!!

I was actually not that prepared to sit for the paper today as I was scheduled to go for my 2nd and final training area solo flight before i go for my GFPT pre-test... as i prepared up and wait for the time to come to fly, the bloody cloud moved in and its base was at 1500ft which actually i am not allowed to fly in... so, my flight got cancelled and one of my friend then told me to go for the paper which i sort of hesitated but got through!!! muahahahahahha!!!!

now i am left doing nothing as i'm yet to start my CPL but completed my PPL... i am sooooo happy!!! i am re-scheduled to go for my solo flight tomorrow and please........... give me a good weather and good aircraft!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hot to burn!

i got burnt at my tongue!!! yikes!!!

bloody party pies burnt my tongue and it hurts....  it burnt a hole in my tongue!!! its freaking painful... well, not literally a whole but it almost caused a hole there... as lunch today is again junk food made less junky, i came home and made my own burger as the bread is about to expire... as i was making it, i made my friend some party pies bought from Coles (name of some grocery store) by just putting it into the microwave.. as i was happily making the beef *nice* patty, the oven sounded that its done so i just took the plate off and place it on the counter...

after doing my burger and turning on the tv to just have a peaceful lunch, i walked over to the counter to just grab one pie to try it out.. but bloody thing.. as i bite it, the monkey ingredient came in contact with my tongue and *woooossssssshhh* my tongue was all bakar-ed... and now, i cant taste my burger anymore... its all the stupid numb and discomfort sensation that i am having... shiat!

any remedy for a burnt tongue???

anyway, my flight with CW was quite good and yea, he's still as grumpy looking as before.. i am cleared for my 2nd training area solo flight!! wohoo!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

you'll miss me if i do..


well, yea... i really almost got myself killed due to 1 decision of mine today... As i was scheduled to fly today at 12, the weather God has again forbid me to do so by pouring down water from the sky at 10am causing my friend's flight to be delayed thus my flight cancelled...

anyway, as we both are supposed to do the same lesson (Precautionary Search) i requested to back seat his flight so that i can learn from whatever he's doing as a passenger (non-paying)... However, due to that bloody decision of mine, i was almost sent straight down into the graveyard at Murwillumbah...

well, as the lesson is sort of like an emergency procedure for a bad weather or whatsoever (other than an engine or technical failure) reason that may cause a discontinuation of a flight, the pilot is supposed to go around looking for a suitable landing field to SAFELY land the aircraft... however, as he was approaching to land at some airstrip/grass area at some town, the aircraft became abruntly off control and we were literally falling off the sky with very little height left to recover... the instructor screamed his way through then immediately took over and thank God, it was all under control after a few seconds of falling-off-the-sky action...

anyway... it will be my turn to do that lesson tomorrow, and guess what, i am cursed blessed with another new instructor for it... i was given a chance to choose of whether to go for the flight with the instructor or just happily sit back and either wait for AH or JS to come back on Wednesday to fly... as i was one eager bloody mf with skyhigh ego, i told the schedule lady that i will do it and take another instructor in and to fly with him... Well, lets call him CW... he's a Kiwi (no... not the fruit... he's a New Zealander) who looks freaking grumpy everyday as though he has go a hang over from the previous night's party where he had a fight with some helicopter pilot... anyway, hopefully i will not screw the flight up and able to survive whatever that might happen during the flight... amitabha and halleluyah!!

CW looks something like that, but less hairy

Sunday, February 7, 2010

lazy day

i had a hair cut and its not a bald type!!!!

haha.... i had my seniors coming over to help me cut my hair and i am very much satisfied from what i am getting... short yet nice and kinda sexy i suppose... don ask me for photos as i have none and i cant have any with the bloody memory card not working...

anyway, didnt fly today again and did nothing productive at all for the whole day... i had all my books next to me but ended up only flipping through 2 pages... hahaha... way to go!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

in the water

i am freaking refreshed now after bathing... i just came back from cycling with my friends in the rain then swimming in the sea then cycled back home without clothes in the public... hahaha!!!

well, i'm living the life of an australian!!! hahaha... Australians here are very open minded and they can actually go shopping or walking around the street in the swim suit/ bikini or topless... as we were cycling towards Currumbin for recreational purposes, rain started to pour and 5 (4 guys 1 girl) of us then decided to just stop by at the beach to wait for the rain to stop... however, the rain kept pouring and we just removed our clothes and just ran towards the sea and walla, into the water we go... *i know, its like some baywatch australian with asian actors in it.. XD *

anyway, it was good fun la... cycling back topless was something that we will never be able to do in Malaysia as one might just end up in the Thumbnail section in The Star Newspaper the next day.. haha... wait till i train up my body and get the tonned abs, i will do it more often...!!

weather condition

flight today was cancelled due to bad weather condition and poor visibility and i'm again re-scheduled to fly again tomorrow at 1030 doing Precautionary Search and hopefully, clear me off for my 2nd training area solo... after that, i will be doing my GFPT pre-test and will be doing on par as my seniors... in fact, i will be having less hours of flying than them at my stage as most of them took at least 24 hours of flying before reaching the GFPT level while currently myself having 21 hours only... time means money for our case, so the earlier and faster we can proceed with our flight, the more time and money we can save..

anyway, i came across this song after reading it in a wall of an anonymous in FB... its basically a chinese song (hokkian dialect) talking about the singer's grandma... well, its not some pop song that one listens to like Jay Chou or Lady Gaga, but its more to a song that goes deep down and touches your heart... maybe not for you, but it really brings up lots of emotions in me...


Friday, February 5, 2010

red is not nice

i only got 75% for my Performance test... *booooo!!!*

well, as my batch of cadets are put in the hibernate mode, most of us went to school quite late and do nothing much there other than sembang group discussion and play do revision on our studies.. as we have 7 pre-test to complete before we go for the actual PPL test, we completed the final pre-test paper today... this is my results

1. Aircraft General Knowledge................100
2. Human Factor.....................................100
3. Meteorology.......................................100
4. Aerodynamics.....................................100
5. Navigation..........................................100
6. Air Law..............................................100
7. Performance.......................................75

damn disappointing la i tell you... i was aiming to score 100% for all the 7 papers and everything was great till this morning... went in to the exam room, did the questions and after double checking, i decided to submit the test and i ended up getting 2 wrongs and that cost me a freaking 25 marks... thats a lot la... really... my heart bleed as i saw the 2 'INCORRECT'... haihz... there goes my target...

however, after that, went for lunch then returned to school at 1330 to prepare for flight.. i was actually very nervous as was scheduled to fly with MP as i had a bad experience with him.. but like it or not, i still have to as i can't just push him out of the aircraft don't get to choose..

i prepared everything and then inspected the aircraft and walla, off we go flying.. as soon as we got airborned, he requested for the hood to be put on me so i can't see outside and have to fly the aircraft only using the instruments i have in the aircraft... things were still ok at first but as the lesson proceed, things went great.. i was in fact having fun flying with him when he setted the aircraft into some freaking weird attitude as it felt like a roller coaster ride while he require me to correct the whole situation by justs using few panels..

i think it was a great lesson and in my folder, it was all written as GOOD and GOOD EFFORT... hahaha...

maybe MP isn't that bad after all.... (i am such a  hypocrit)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MP again..

simulated flying ----->  NOT FUN!!

i was so artificially excited to know that i'd be flying the simulator today but after going through it, i'd rather do a real thing than just sitting in a station with all glass cockpit flying a fake aircraft with not-so-real-looking scenery out side of the window... well, its worth a try flying in it but definitely not what a REAL PILOT *ahem* wants to do..

anyway, i am scheduled to fly again tomorrow in a real aircraft with *horror music playing* MP... well, it will be my 2nd time flying with him and i am definitely not looking forward to it... i have no idea how will he rate me this time for my flying as i've not been in a real aircraft for about a week (simulator doesnt count my dear!)... hopefully he won't pin me down and make me crash the plane while pointing his fingers to me when CASA start asking questions..

ok... starting today onwards, my batch will be put on hold till we complete our necessary flyings for about 2 weeks.. after that, we will be combined with the senior batch aka AirAsia Batch 1A for theory and then the same for the flying... this means that there will no longer be 2 batches of AirAsia cadet here but all of us (23 to be exact) will be in the same programme... the best thing is....... I WILL BE ABLE TO COME BACK TO MALAYSIA EARLIER AS I WILL BE GRADUATING WITH MY SENIORS TOO!!! wohoooo!!!

my batch started our training on 30th of Nov 2009 and is suppose to graduate a year later on early Dec 2010... however, as now we're put together with the senior, we will be able to graduate at Sept 2010 together with the seniors.. its like super duper ultra fast la... hahaha... so happy... In Malaysia, all the flying academy will take at least 20 months to complete the whole process while for my batch now, it will take approximate 10 months...

now now.... i know whats in ur head... We are still safely trained and fulfilled all the minimum requirement to be a pilot and we are doing it according to the standard procedure... Shorter training doesn't mean that we will be less capable and experienced in flying our lovely passengers *puppy eyes*, but we're just more efficient in doing our job even though we're still a cadet... don worry... I AM A WELL TRAINED PILOT!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

don't laugh!

dah lama kut saya tak tulis dalam bahasa melayu...

sejak skrang i dah bosan setelah makan dinner (forgive me, but i cant remember what its called), saya dah tak tau nak buat apa ni...

skrang ni, saya dah habis kursus penerbangan sendirian (Private Pilot Licence Course!), akademi penerbangan mahu letak kami dalam tunggu.........
ALA!!! FORGET ABOUT IT... LET ME TYPE IN ENGLISH!! i cant believe that my BM has MEROSOT-ED that much after high school...

anyway, i've finished my PPL course here and will be moving into the Commercial Part of the course, Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) which will actually be my 2nd last part of the whole journey of becoming a pilot...

can't believe that everything happened so fast and time went by me without being noticed... Its already in the 3rd day of the 2nd month in 2010 and there's only 11 months remaining till we celebrate the arrival of year 2011 *dooms day!* within this 2 months, i've learnt so much about the industry and even learn to fly a plane...

ok... i run out of topic again...


later maybe?

I am tired today... want to blog but my mind is just pure blank and tiredness after a whole long day of having Performance & Loading System lesson with JS.. Its sort of his first time teaching us and well, the lesson was awfully torturing and time just passes by freaking slow... i donno la... am just tired now...

what to blog about today??

i donno la... i am having a partial brain dead with too many stuff to remember and having to fly in the flight simulator for the first time in my life tomorrow with AH.. hopefully i wont crash the simulator... hehehe..

anyway... will update the blog later IF i am less lazy and tired...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

shoe fight!


ok... that might be a little bit more on exaggerating but seriously, my roomie has voiced out on the shoe issue... I came back first today and as usual, just place my shoes wherever there's an empty spot... moments after i arrived home and turned on my lappy, the rest reached home and my roomie shouted out

him : NO!!! THATS MY SPOT... YOU SEE *pointing his fingers at the spot* MY SHOES ARE PLACED HERE..
the rest of the house : AIYA.... YOU(my roomie) JUST PLACE YOUR SHOES SOMEWHERE ELSE LA...

forgive me for the CAPS as i am trying to show you how intense it was...

thats how it ended... well, it was not some bitch type of fight but voice were raised as we both were rather unhappy... anyhow, i am already well prepared for that fight for the shoe issue since yesterday...

i just love this scene in Hannah Montana movie..
So, in the end, i declare myself as the winning troop as i managed to shut him up and bring him down! wohoo...... and 1 more thing, i managed to score 100% in my Human Factor test again today while my roomie only scored 90%... I am not kiasu ok... its just that i feel better winning him in the fight today... *angelic smile*

Monday, February 1, 2010

shoe issue

Its quite a problem when you have a house with 4 mens in it who came from different background and worst, different races... I am not being a racist or whatsoever but i mean its like hard to really communicate and get the message over to the other party some time...

You see, as i am here with all these people as my batchmates for the next 10 months or so, we basically share our food, tv, bathroom, kitchen, sofa and small petty stuff like remote control and shoe closet... We basically share the bills when it comes to groceries and we don't have to worry about the utility bills as its all by the school in the course...

however, i find it hard sometimes to just do things my way, and of course for the rest of them to do things their way... I am basically quite particular on how i place my toiletries like tooth brush and my shampoo but fine with other stuff like food or even position of placing my shoes.. However, my roomie is quite particular on who puts the shoes on 'his spot' in the closet and will just dump whoever's or whatever is in his place... i find that quite rude as he so called claimed the place as his while he don't give a damn of other people's shoe.. Its not like i care which spot is whose but what i care is the selfish-ness he has got...


Really feel like strangling him i tell you... however, one thing good about him is that he tolerate me with my little snoring at night.. hehehe..

oh ya btw, i just did my Aerodynamic test and aaaaagaaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnnnnn...... i scored 100%...

aww.... come on... don get bored of the 3 figure i got for my exam... its not as easy as you think ok... its PILOTING!!1