Sunday, February 28, 2010

being a chinese

a tsunami was expected to hit my place earlier this morning due to the earthquake that struck Chile yesterday, but i was happily sleeping through the morning till my friend called telling me to be careful.. anyway, i did prepare myself by packing my pasport, flying licences, wallet and a set of clothing into my bag just in case that i really need to evacuate... the bag is still next to me now and left untouched... maybe i will only unpack it tomorrow morning...


Am i very chinesey??? well, i don't mean it in an insulting manner, but am i very chinesey like some cina apek?? some of my friends told me that i am as i listen to lots of chinese songs (like what i am doing now as i blog) and think like one... i donno.... how is it for one to behave like a cina apek??

1. eat rice with chopstick ?
2. don take beef ? (i know this is more to a religion)
3. have rice everyday ?
4. saying the word  'CHOI' ?
5. must have vegetable in a meal ?
6. saying 'hello' instead of 'whats up' ?
7. listening to CNY songs ?
8. taking picture with the kawaii sign ?

i donno la... i consider myself the less chinesey one to my friends back in college as i prefer speaking english to mandarin and i have big eyes for someone who is a chinese.. anyway, i am still proud to be a chinese!!

btw, Happy Chap Goh Meh!

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carpe diem said...

Not cinapek...more like lala chai...the sg wang ah beng..:)...dont get angry yeah..CNY over ady so a little stressed up cos no real long holiday till Hari Raya