Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hair cut

its Tuesday and its Pizza day....      =.=   yaaay................ *not excited at all*

anyway, i just came back from my friend's house after lending him a helping hand (and scissors) to crop his hair as we've got rumours saying that one of the AirAsia captain will be coming in any time soon to check on us (yea... we have people coming in to check on us... sucky right?)

so, i borrowed the shaving mechanism thingy from another friend of mine from my house and went over to his place being so happily excited that i'm gonna try to cut design someone's hair for the first time.. mind you, i am not going to shave him bald but to do his hair nicely just like what those hair stylist always do to you people, minus the charge of course.... as he said it'll be fine and he'd be more than happy to just crop the side of the hair by himself, me and another friend of mine just stood there watching him and then when he's done, i was given the honour to do the rest of his hair... well, it was kinda good considering that it was my first time doing it... as i've done my part, my client wanted the shaving thing to just tidy up the side and so he took it, and *zzzzznnnggg* it goes on the side of his hair... one thing he didnt notice was that the machine was at its finest blade which means that it will just go straight cutting everything on his way and walla, there goes his side of his hair... i was then having to do the rest of the job to re-do everything and end up, he's one good looking man with short hair without having to pay at all...


so, anyone wants a hair-cut?? i only do the gentlemen's as i am still uncertain of how to do the ladies... i don't charge you anything*

*terms and condition applies and it is advisable to buy your own insurance for your hair before consulting me as no complaints will be entertained and there will be no re-fund.

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