Saturday, February 6, 2010

in the water

i am freaking refreshed now after bathing... i just came back from cycling with my friends in the rain then swimming in the sea then cycled back home without clothes in the public... hahaha!!!

well, i'm living the life of an australian!!! hahaha... Australians here are very open minded and they can actually go shopping or walking around the street in the swim suit/ bikini or topless... as we were cycling towards Currumbin for recreational purposes, rain started to pour and 5 (4 guys 1 girl) of us then decided to just stop by at the beach to wait for the rain to stop... however, the rain kept pouring and we just removed our clothes and just ran towards the sea and walla, into the water we go... *i know, its like some baywatch australian with asian actors in it.. XD *

anyway, it was good fun la... cycling back topless was something that we will never be able to do in Malaysia as one might just end up in the Thumbnail section in The Star Newspaper the next day.. haha... wait till i train up my body and get the tonned abs, i will do it more often...!!


Takashi said...

i cant believe there's no pictures to support the claim!!!

Ign@tius said...

come on... i don lie....

wait, do u mean the beach or do u mean the cycling... or the rain perhaps??