Thursday, February 4, 2010

MP again..

simulated flying ----->  NOT FUN!!

i was so artificially excited to know that i'd be flying the simulator today but after going through it, i'd rather do a real thing than just sitting in a station with all glass cockpit flying a fake aircraft with not-so-real-looking scenery out side of the window... well, its worth a try flying in it but definitely not what a REAL PILOT *ahem* wants to do..

anyway, i am scheduled to fly again tomorrow in a real aircraft with *horror music playing* MP... well, it will be my 2nd time flying with him and i am definitely not looking forward to it... i have no idea how will he rate me this time for my flying as i've not been in a real aircraft for about a week (simulator doesnt count my dear!)... hopefully he won't pin me down and make me crash the plane while pointing his fingers to me when CASA start asking questions..

ok... starting today onwards, my batch will be put on hold till we complete our necessary flyings for about 2 weeks.. after that, we will be combined with the senior batch aka AirAsia Batch 1A for theory and then the same for the flying... this means that there will no longer be 2 batches of AirAsia cadet here but all of us (23 to be exact) will be in the same programme... the best thing is....... I WILL BE ABLE TO COME BACK TO MALAYSIA EARLIER AS I WILL BE GRADUATING WITH MY SENIORS TOO!!! wohoooo!!!

my batch started our training on 30th of Nov 2009 and is suppose to graduate a year later on early Dec 2010... however, as now we're put together with the senior, we will be able to graduate at Sept 2010 together with the seniors.. its like super duper ultra fast la... hahaha... so happy... In Malaysia, all the flying academy will take at least 20 months to complete the whole process while for my batch now, it will take approximate 10 months...

now now.... i know whats in ur head... We are still safely trained and fulfilled all the minimum requirement to be a pilot and we are doing it according to the standard procedure... Shorter training doesn't mean that we will be less capable and experienced in flying our lovely passengers *puppy eyes*, but we're just more efficient in doing our job even though we're still a cadet... don worry... I AM A WELL TRAINED PILOT!!!


Evann said...

Woo. Genius cadet! Your seniors must be jealous! :P

Ign@tius said...

haha... i am not sure whether they are jealous or not... but i am happy!!