Friday, February 12, 2010


ok... i was not lazy yesterday to update my blog but i was just busy...

anyway, i went over to my friend's place to stay over with 2 other of my batchmates as we were invited over for dinner and the host (2 girls) suggested that it'll be quite late and dangerous for us to go back to our house after that.. dinner was great as my favourite dish, potato salad was made... haha...

i'm getting my day off from Friday (today) till the end of the weekend as i've completed all the flying and test for my batch... however, as i have nothing much to do at home, i still went to the school because i am a good cadet... muahahahaha... i clocked 2 hours or so for today as i return home again after that at 11.30...

nothing much happened la... its just a long day with nothing much to do other than to prepare for my GFPT pre-test on the early next week... its only Friday and i'm already bored... any suggestion?? i am planning to go brisbane for this weekend for a clubing session as well to usher the year of tiger... although this is a little earlier,


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