Monday, February 22, 2010


i just finished watching russell peter and yea, i am laughing my ass off it... hahaha.... if you do have time, go youtube it off the net and you will really want for more.... i might be a little slow at it, but yea, i just started watching him...

anyway, today is just another not-so-significant-day here in australia... My group today is scheduled to fly but not for me and one of my friend as we are both waiting for the GFPT instructor to come back for the test... so, we are not actually needed to be in school today as we have nothing much to do... however, as i am a good student, i'd still show up there and just tunjuk muka to whoever instructor to just let him/her know that i am there instead of being lazy at home....

as a few of us were just in class doing nothing, we had some random discussion about how we cheated in the exam during the secondary school... well, most of us didnt really cheat for the marks or for being kiasu, but the cheating was conducted for the sake of cheating and the fun of it... well, most of us got really creative on how to cheat and not letting the invigilator found out... hahaha... i am not going to reveal how i did it as there might just be some kiddo in his/her school life reading my blog... but yea, cheating is not evil... its just fun!

this is how you rich kid do it right?

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