Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tian Kong Yeh


its a saturday without flight nor class and i woke up at 9am for God knows what reason... sigh... I was hoping that i can at least sleep half the way through the only start planning what to do the next half of the day as i'm just pure bored and lazy to do anything...

anyway, my friend just reminded me just now that today is the 8th day of the Chinese New Year and well, for hokkian, they will be doing some offering and praying stuff to the Goddess of the Sky (Tian1 Kong1) for some i donno what reason.. hahah.. but as a hokkian from Penang, the offering is sort of like a big thing where both my grandma would buy and prepare and cook lots of goodie for it and sugar canes will be tied to an elevated table for the praying... When I was young, i'd be running around and play with fire crackers (the safer one) while the older generation would just sit and gather outside the house while gossiping again (typical chinese!).... at 12 mid night, lots of folded paper thingy would be put outside the house to a small hill looking kinda thing to be burnt while a huge incest with decoration of dragon would be lighted up... well, i'm not religious or anything, but i think that its more to a tradition to me... although I am a free thinker, but yea, its fun to have everyone back at home for that....


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